MOTHER AND DAUGHTER.jpg1 MOTHER AND DAUGHTER MOTHER AND DAUGHTER.jpg2When it comes to child bearing,mothers have more role to play in the family especially on the female children when they are approaching PUBERTY while fathers takes charge of the male as both are more experienced on the gender they are. One major reason why mothers should take this responsibility a serious is that if they fail to do it,someone somewhere will do t for them or the girl in question will learn it outside which most times will be in a wrong or negative way. That”s why its necessary that women should handle their daughter as in a way they will want them to grow up.Some mothers today had no one to teach them the way forward when they were approaching their puberty age but they managed to cope with it and most made mistakes which they wont dream their daughters to have same experince and thats why they should sit down and handle the situation for the daughters in ordr not to allow them do the same mistake they did. Below are things every good mother should never forget to do for their daughter as they approach puberty


When gals reaches ages from 11-13years,mothers needs to tighten their belt in order the put their daughters in order to avoid them bringing shame to the family or been embarrassed in public

Below are some of them.

TEACHING HER ABOUT FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM: This is where many people fall short when they are talking to their daughters about their menstrual periods. While children are taught many of these things in school, chances are the information coming from you will be much more informative and personal. Begin by fully describing what happens to a woman’s body when she menstruates. . It is vital that your daughter knows not only what to expect but also why it is occurring in the first place. It may be disheartening for you to imagine your daughter of 11 to 13 actually engaging in sexual intercourse but you must remember that it does happen and for that reason you must be sure she is fully aware of what is happening with her body. Young girls often do not realize that the onset of their menstrual period also indicates the time when she is able to become pregnant. It is up to you to make sure that is made clear to her. In Nigeria many people thinks that by telling them will make their daughters to learn bad behaviours but thats a FAT LIE. When you fail to teach her the pros and cons associated to the developments shes beginning to see,her friends will teach her and possibly a male friend and that may lead her to explore with him to know if what he said is true and thats when sexual activities starts.Never lie to her that anytime she has sex that she will get pregnant.Tell her the truth of the right time when a woman gets pregnant when she meets a man and thats during her OVULATION time but try to tell her every truth about sex,the good and bad side of it but tell her more of the bad side so she cn feel a bit bad about it though you should let her know that the best time to enjoy it freely is when shes married.Highlight the rate of STI”s  thats very rampant now that one gets from sex like HIV/AIDS,GONORRHEA, ETC but if  in case she couldn’t hold on,she should opt for use of CONDOM,,,you should know how best to explain it to her to suit your desire for he



HOW TO DETECT THE MENSTRUATION TIME: There are many signs that your daughter has started her journey into puberty. The first thing that happens just before a girl begins her menstrual period is that she begins to grow pubic hairs{vagina and am-pit}. Chances are you will know when this occurs, either because she will tell you that she has hair or because you will accidentally glimpse it at some point maybe while shes bathing or dressing though that’s for those real mothers who takes care of their children without leaving all to the maid. Either way, when this occurs you can be sure that her period is following sometime within the next year or few months . At some point during the months just prior to the onset of menstruation your daughter may begin to complain that she is breaking out with ACNE/PIMPLE or having abdominal pains or any other kind of unusual changes,,children are good at complaining to their mothers. When these things happen it is time to start preparing her for what to expect. Start by defining what the changes is all about and how serious she should take her body now to avoid mistakes  but don’t put fear and panic to her mind.Let her know that you too passe through same process and possibly still on it at the moment


TEACH HER HOW TO PREPARE FOR HER PERIOD: We have all heard the nightmare stories of young girls who begin their period during school or some other social event and have no idea what to do. Often the result is her hiding out somewhere in a bathroom crying and not knowing what to do. You can help your daughter avoid this by arming her with everything she will need for that first day of her first period. Take her to the store and purchase some sanitary pads that she can keep in a special compartment of her purse just incase. You may also buy her a small pack of feminine wipes so she can clean herself well if there is any mess involved, which there is likely to be. Been disgraced publicly by this new development is something that one never forgets easily in life and it does not show any sign of been a responsible mother if you fail to equip her for the coming experience. Teach her how to put it on when time comes because you might not be with her when it will first come out as their is no specific time for it to come out. After purchasing it from the store,take her into the room and let her undress and you use your hand to fix it and allow her fix it to be sure she has learn”t  HOW TO FIX IT.With this,shes half way  ready for the D day


HELP HER CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE Tampons VS Pads: This is a decision that you and your daughter will need to make regarding the best form of protection during her period. She may express interest in using tampons and therefore you will need to explain in detail all the pros and cons of using them rather than pads. The pros and cons are like this>>>>Tampons are a bit more convenient in that they do not feel bulky and your daughter will be able to participate in many more activities if she is not wearing pads. However, tampons can also be very uncomfortable, especially for a young girl. If she expresses interest in using tampons make sure you explain how they are used and the best method of disposing of them. It is also a good idea to make her aware of the safety risks involved with using tampons as well as how often they should be changed. Let her know the after effects of not changing them on time like been dangerous to her health which can cause her some infections as well as damages down there.Your daughter must understand that if she is to use tampons, she must be sure and wash her hands properly before and after application and that she should never, under any circumstances use a tampon that has fallen on the floor by accident. .And as an experienced person you should let her know the best company pad to use whenever she goes to buy on her own.Give her time to ask you some questions she feels to know the answer and you should be real and true to her because if you lie to her,somehow she will find out from friends and it might lead her into exploring to know who tells the truth between you and her friends


As much as possible,try to be the closest friend to her and don’t always use mother system to follow her,rather see her as your friend and whence you have a very good friendship line with her,she will always open up to you about her new challenges and even when men starts to approach her because as you know,this time they looks for a confidant to make sure they makes the right choice and when both of you are very friendly and closely,she will open up and you then direct her.Do not always condemn men before her,let her see them a part of the life and SEX EDUCATION is a very vital step to bring her up to enable her to be careful and not bring shame to her and you. These days,we are in a time where SEX is the talk of the day,so educate her so she dont go out there to contact S T I”s or pregnancy but its unfortunate what most women and even mothers are afraid of is PREGNANCY not knowing that some infections are more dangerous than pregnancy maybe because pregnancy will show up to the public if she didn”t opt for  ABORTION and today many women are suffering what they did to themselves years back. There are more than 100 CHRONIC INFECTIONS that will put sorrow to ones life forever as many leads to death or a INFERTILITY if not detected and treated well on time and not using over the counter drugs to relief the symptoms which is what many did that”s causing them a lot after some years or maybe when they marry and want to get pregnant








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