Daily we hear about many news about smoking and it contains warning as to put  fear in people so they can put a stop to the habit but it seems all efforts are not working because the rate of smokers is increasing daily.Even some time ago like about 5months,Lagos State put a law to help  reduce smoking habit but it seems its not working out.Truth be told,smoking has a big problem to create to the body which many do not know maybe because of lack of information or many do not believe its real until the become victim of any of the said health problem health professionals are talking about which is far too late as many cant afford money to assist them or even money cant save them because they  have gone far. THE RATE AT WHICH YOUTHS ARE JOINING SMOKING IS QUITE ALARMING and one may ask if its trend of 21st Century but I ask,IS THERE ANYTHING THEY GETS OUT OF IT THAT MOVES THEM TO DO IT? Check out the pix and see what smoking can make your lungs look like when you become addicted to it. A times in the life of someone,he changes from old bad lives that will affect him later and QUITTING SMOKING is one of them,which is very good both for SPIRITUAL and HEALTH WISE PURPOSE.Spiritually I mean is maybe when one confesses to acknowledge the power of God and submission to his Majesty,its always advised the person will drop some habits like smoking,drinking etc to help him focus more on God while health wise is the one am unfolding today

Honestly quitting smoking isn’t an easy decision but it calls for especially for the good of your health and that of people around you because s you smoke you endanger your life and that of those around you in as much they are inhaling the air you puff out. Smoking has a lot of side effects to your health like
1. Stroke
2. Inflammation of the lungs
3. Low sperm count etc



Below are some possible ways to aid you realize the aim of quitting smoking. Wish you good lucks   sir/madam

1.  SET A REALISTIC GOALS: Set realistic targets to reduce your smoking frequency and then overcome it by completely eliminating it out of your routine. If you are a chain smoker, quitting it in a one fine day on impulse will only make you more prone to a relapse. Start reducing the number of sticks eg,if you smoke 5 packets daily,you reduce to taking 4 packets for good one money and continue reducing till you get to only one packet,then start reducing by stick till you completely get over the craving urge


2. MAKE FOOD YOUR FRIEND: People who smoke a lot would normally tend to skip meals as nicotine releases stored sugars and fats into the bloodstream. Hence, make sure that you consume food at regular intervals and monitor your calorie intake. Keep it at a normal level. Do not over-eat or try to eat less. This would only lessen your concentration power and anxieties that arise due to fluctuating hunger levels.Mind the kinds of food you eats and increase your fruit intakes to help boost your immune  system to help fight the the urge power push.. For the first 3 days of your quitting, drink a lot of fruit juice that are acidic in nature. Cranberry juice is a great choice during this time and it would help the blood sugar levels to stabilize in your body for these 72 critical hours. However, over consumption of juices may make you become fat..Carrot and cabbage and fresh vegetables re recomme


3. DON’T THINK OF GOING BACK: When you experience emotional disturbances like depression, craving, denial, convincing yourself for another puff, complacency, acceptance, bargaining and anger, you are only on your success path to your recovery. These kinds of experiences are quite normal for a person who wants to quit smoking!When these begins to happen,try to put into your subconscious mind that you are winning the battle which with little more efforts you will conquer it all.Going back will only hurt you the more and by then you will believe you cant stop it again and that’s a big fat lie my dear,,,YES YOU CAN IF YOU ARE WILLING.I hope you know your believe over something has a lot of impact to play on the success or failure of it


4. LOOK FOR HELP OUTSIDE AND DON’T DO IT ALONE: Seek the support of very close people who would help you quit smoking. The best people are non-smokers as well as ex-smokers who have the experience of quitting.Reading of books relating to how to quit can do a lot to help as well,you can buy them at stores like amazon.com or big pharmacies around your hood.Keep in mind that you do not need to do any special activity once you quit smoking like you would have done if you were drinking alcohol. Have confidence in yourself that you would start doing many things even better as a non-smoker,so therefore relax and go on with the QUITTING DECISION.Also know that when you have triggers of nicotine craving, do not suppress it. It would affect you psychologically. Vent it out to your close friend so that it would be easy to let go. Intense feelings of craving will last for a few minutes and you would get over it soon if you fight it out the first few times and that’s why you need not to think of going back


5. ADD EXERCISE TO IT: You can start a healthy exercise routine to relieve the stress and help your body recover from the damage caused due to smoking for years. Start slowly and do not exercise vigorously right from the first day. Short walks like trecking a bus stop away from your house could be a good start which would help you breathe in fresh air. You may also do a rigorous physical activity for about half an hour thrice a week as a part of your routine after sometime.The exercise helps also to build the body muscular parts and possibly remove some toxins from the body through sweating


6. IF POSSIBLE,CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR: Quitting smoking is an important decision and hence it is advisable to consult a physician before taking the first step. They may suggest you on some other tips knowing your health history and smoking background.This will help you not to do the ones that will bounce back on your health and also report to him any changes that you experience whenever you start for him to do some adjustment like if you experience restlessness or lack of sleep, consider reducing the amount of caffeine intake drastically.,



1. You will live longer in the sense that you wont face the side effects of smoking

2. You will save money as its not gotten free at the stores,calculate how much you  can save for 20years if you smoke 3packets daily,you will find out that you an use the money to build house in the village and at same time live healthy

3. You will have a better quality of life that’s free of smoke complications

4. You will lower your chance of having a heart attack

5. You will smell better because smoke always put the smell on the smoker

6. You teeth will have whiter teeth since smoking colors the teeth eg brown

7. Your fingertips won’t be stained just like it does to almost all smokers

8. You won’t have the guilt of passing on second-hand smoke to your loved ones because as you smoke you create problem to passer by”s and family

9. You won’t harm your baby if you’re pregnant,that’s for women

10. You will be setting a good example to your children because you cant ask them not to smoke when they know you too smokes

11. Your skin will have less wrinkles since its one of the causes of wrinkles

12. You won’t have shortness of breath and you won’t have a smokers cough

13. You won’t have as many headache as possible as smokers has this as frequent problem and you won’t feel weak and controlled by your addiction

14. Less likely to have a stroke since smoke causes it and more

15. You won’t have a bad taste in your mouth as it damages the buds and make them not function well

16. You will have more energy since smoke drains you of energy

17. No more mess, smell, or burns on your clothing

18. Less likely to have cancer as cancer has link with smoking.

19. Save yourself from having LOW SPERM COUNT










what smoking does to your lungs



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