what happens if you fail to make her feel good after sex
what happens if you fail to make her feel good after sex

Reaching orgasm is always the dream of every woman when it comes to sex because at that point she feels satisfied but often times women fakes orgasm especially when they don”t feel any love for the man they are having sex with or when shes not really enjoying the sex or having an emotional problem at the moment.Men on the other hand a times do not know how to really help their women reach orgasm which leaves the women at the state of not even caring for sex with the man,sometimes its because the man is not romantic or can not last long on bed due to sexual problems like QUICK EJACULATION or WEAK ERECTION and it really piss the women off especially after putting them on the mood without helping them reach orgasm.Some will later go out to who can give their body what they need or even MASTURBATE and when this happens it might not be stopped again or she might drastically loose every interest to have sex with the said man.

There’s so much I could say about female orgasms. They’re so interesting & diverse. In this article I just wanted to touch upon the main points & information that I think would be useful. There’s so much out their to learn about them, and things still to be discovered & better understood.
Its important to get full arousal before penetration. So men try to arouse your women well before penetrating as this makes you both enjoy the pleasure of sex

Most of you out there complains much about cheating and I can tell you that out of every 10 women.. If you satisfy them and they release during sex,its only about 2 out of the 10 that will cheat. Many ladies will stick to a guy who you know are better than just because he gives her what she needs.. He takes her to another world such that she cant forget every beat of her heart when she moans each time she thinks of you and these makes her to come back no matter any problem they have in their relationship or marriage. Give a woman millions daily and fail to satisfy her or give her care and attention,my brother you are wasting time to preach of infidelity and besides you are the cause because you too don”t care about her feelings. Money isn’t  everything but sex,your time and care is everything to a woman(women I lie?) lol. Many men out there thinks that sex is just to separate her legs and insert the penis,thrust her vaginal wall and ejaculate and get up. Nooooo.. Sex is pretty much more than that. Sex is a about knowing where your woman gets aroused more when touched.. Its about knowing how to touch her there and when to touch her and studying when shes no more enjoying that style again. Women appreciates new styles for each time you meet her,it makes her conclude you care about her affection and respects her feelings. Many married men don”t sit down and talk naughty about sex with their wives which is breaking homes today. Worst of mans enemy is when he has IMP sized dick and or weak erection or quick ejaculation



First,what is ORGASM? This is when there i a contraction in the lower part of the vagina which is in the uterus,anus and pelvic floor and this happens when there is an increased blood flow  around the vagina which causes tension of the genitals when shes aroused and some of them even release fluids when they reach orgasm.At this point the woman feel on top of the world of the sexual satisfaction .In the life of a woman,most reaches orgasm from masturbation either with vibrator or finger as she knows where shes more aroused when touched than when a man is having sex with her{penetrative sex} and thats why its good that women should teach their male partner where they are aroused more at a touch as this will make him pay more attention to the area than just penetrating in and out. So lets see the type of sex styles that helps her reach orgasm


1. REVERSE COWGIRL:This position gives easy access to the clitoris and because of the direct clitoral stimulation,orgasm is easy to reach by the woman

cowgirl style
cowgirl style


2.DOGGY STYLE:With this style,its very easy to stimulate the clitoris as well as have access to the G spot with either dick or finger,the continuous st-rucking will keep stimulating her G spot and she will reach orgasm


3. MISSIONARY STYLE:This is quite old fashioned  style of having sex but it really helps to reach orgasm by most women especially when he is st-rucking diagonally as it gives more clitoral stimulation to her

missionary style
missionary style

4. CRISSCROSS:In this style since the bodies are not squished  against each other,the man or woman can be rubbing the clitoris which fucking her and within a short time shes feeling the orgasm


5. GIRL ON TOP:When applying this style,its advised to help her by moving her hips up and down so as to make her have easy access to her clitoris for stimulation

girl on top

I will stop with this five for today till next time when I will post about the topic and you needs to be coming here daily for more but one POWERFUL TIP that works on 98 out of 100 women in order to make her reach orgasm is SUCKING HER PUSSY. Every woman responds to this sex tip and almost all can not withstand the stimulation such that if you are a good sucker,she must demand that you sex her in order to get herself again even as she has released,this is because the muscle of the tongue stimulates the clitoris better than any other thing and it can also hit the G spot if the man makes his tongue strong  and LIZARD LIKE such that more than half of the tongue will enter deep inside and lick the vaginal walls  to make sure the tongue scratch the walls well to arouse the stimulation.Another is to spread her legs well and use the tip of the penis to roll on the clitoris in a slow manner round from left  to right and right to left like 20 times each.If the man can stand the stimulation himself without forcing into fucking her,she will surely reach orgasm before or after penetration but in all both must put their mind in the sex without any distraction at all as emotional and physical distraction can cut the feelings and mind you that an infection and odor free pussy is healthy and has no side effect to the body when you suck the fluid,after all its same as penetrating the the dick without condom but if your partners own is smelly,use the vaginal lotion to make it odor free and if it continues to smell then you know shes suffering an infection like YEAST INFECTION which is very treatable easily with the herbal supplements which you can get from me any time


Well,try to follow my posts daily and you will learn a lot and you will bring back the lost joy. As for ladies and women reading this,try to let your men read it and correct the mistake because many don”t even know

As for those that suffers weak erection etc… Why not meet me today by contacting me for lasting solution



Below is testimony proof that it works






To get the e-book call/whatsapp +2348180987294

If you want special care for the vagina.use the vaginal lotion for

1. Vaginal moisturizing to prevent painful sex
2. Vaginal disinfection
3. Vaginal odor removal
4. Vaginal itching relief
5. Vaginal yeast growth prevention ETC


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