In our world today there are a lot of challenges in our marriage due to some mistakes men and women does in marriage but today we are  going to focus on women as they have a lot to contribute to the family.As we all know,women are the pillars of the family.In every happy family,there is presence of a hard working devoted woman who makes sure the family don’t go down the rail. But often times some of the women fail to fulfil their parts in the up liftment of the family and that has brought about broken marriages. We are going to look on some mistakes some women does in the family especially in Africa like Nigeria


1. STOP PUTTING ON WRAPPER ALL THE TIME: Yes most of the married African women have this IQ of AFTER ALL AM MARRIED SO I WILL DRESS LIKE MARRIED WOMAN AT MY HOME OR ANYHOW I WANT but the truth is that you are causing yourself some harms. Let me explain. Some of you especially after giving birth,you start dressing haggard at home saying it doesn’t matter,. REALLY? Hehehehehe,am just laughing at you. When you start dressing like old woman,you’ll run out of taste and attraction for your man dear. As a married woman that wants to have him to herself alone,you need to be attractive to him and seductive all the time especially when hes a home with you. Most of you only put on good seductive clothes outside and one wonders who you want to appreciate you if not your man. Hello madam,when next you goto market to  buy clothes,look at those seductive under wears the young ladies are putting on out there that attracts men and buy.. Wear it at home to seduce your husband. Many men only sees tempting boobs and booty outside,whereas the wife dresses like his grandmother at home. The truth is that he may not complain to you cos some of you will change it for them{quarrel} and men don’t like women nag most times. Put on wrapper when going to church or when you are cold. Wear BUM SHOT,G-STRING ETC for him at home and especially at the bedroom,wear very transparent tight wears to bring out even the size of your bums and shape of your pussy. Put on towel when you want to bath and let it reveal all your laps,try to bend down to pick something in his front to reveal your pussy to him. No normal man sees it without something like spring rolling in his dick{erection} and you can hear him say THIS WOMAN YOU WON’T KILL ME HERE ETC


2. NEATNESS: Still on the wrapper issue,most put on dirty ones making you irritating to him. Whether you have only one or two. Wash them,always and be clean for him. Your clothes especially home use should be cleaner so as to be attractive to him. Wearing more attractive one outside attracts only outsiders and not him. Reason why he will dump you is because the only sexy and attractive women he sees is outside. They look cleaner and more seductive. Make him see more seduction at home and you will eliminate his reason to jump around like monkey over any ass that passes him again


3. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY: Buy good smelly creams and possibly perfumes and take care of your body. Try to make your skin color be always bright so he sees the new you daily. Shave the armpit and private part when it grows.. Keep them clean and welcoming always unless he likes the under little hairy cos some men don’t like smooth shavings. So you know his taste so keep it so for him and he will stay glued to you


4.CARE OF THE PUSSY: My dear,am sorry for you if you have a smelly one cos its irritating to have fun with. Why not find solution to the smell,so he can feel free always to have fun with you. Major cause of smelly pussy is YEAST AND CANDIDA INFECTION though some women don’t bath it very well. Douching and use of perfumed soaps also irritates the vagina PH level and as such cause harm down there. If you have infection down there seek for help immediately before you loose your man. Some ladies,if you open their pants,the type of odor that will come out will be like fish that has stayed long with its water(you know how smelly that is). It kills sexual mood such that even when he thinks of it,he will feel like throwing up. Some has boils that’s why they don’t like having sex with light ON so the guy wont see it but the truth of the matter is that making it safe and clean will always give him joy to come for more and as a man,he will keep having the picture of the clean pussy and erection is assured(Lol) and so it’ll make him attached and addicted to you alone. The reason why some guys cant suck your pussy isn’t cos they don’t like it but because its dirty,irritating and smelly.When that happens,how then do you expect him to enjoy you? No,that will prompt him to jump over outside pussies


5. FOOD/COOKING:If you don’t know how to cook for your man and the family or you are lazy in cooking. AM SORRY. Some women don’t know how to cook good food. Cause is from home training and stubbornness but its not late yet. You can enroll in cooking lesson around and be grounded so as to save your family. You can be good in cooking indomie alone and expect him to love you? No,it can’t work that way dear,LEARN HOW TO COOK,hope you never forgets the saying that food is the transport way to a man’ heart.Some men loves their wives for no other reason than how good they are in cooking




6. SEX: Oho. This is where a big problem is. As you say MEN ARE DOGS,why not make him be your personal dog? Do you think if you give him what he can get outside that he won’t depend on you alone? Let me make it clear to you. If hes married,he cant get a free sex outside,he always spends for it. Do you know that it pains him to pend money for what he can get FREE? Some of you women don’t know sex styles.. All they know is lie down and face the ceiling.. NOOOO,we are no more in the 1800s,our great grand mother age.SEX  plays 70% vital role in marriage or even relationship. To some people,sex is coming together of penis and vagina but I can tell you that we have passed that era. That era was during the time of my great grand parents but today its more than that.
a. DENIAL: A woman who is denying her man her body is inviting situation of cheating. I know you might have had a hectic day but no matter what give way to your man at least once or twice a week. And please don’t let it be him that will always make move cos a times he will need it but feels you will refuse him and hes dieing with great urge. Some of you have grown up maids at home,so don’t be sad when she takes over
b. LAZY IN BED: Most married women are lazy when it comes to sex.. What they know only is MISSIONARY STYLE(olden age styles). My dear,monotony kills interest,try to learn new styles,as a married woman buying blue film to watch with him isn’t a sin in as much you are doing it with your rightfully wedded hubby. Ask him for new style or try to know the style(s) he enjoys more as well as letting him know which you enjoy more too cos you are not his maid,so he too must try to make you enjoy the happy time.
c. FOREPLAY: Many women complains that they don’t cum whenever they have sex. You must understand that sex starts from the brain,so you must be consciously active about what you are about to do so as to arouse the hormones needed to achieve orgasm. Start with romantic and dirty words,tell him how he sent you to another world in your previous sex. Go full naked for him,let him know parts to are more sensitive for you when touched,you can close your eyes and allow him take control of those body parts. He can start with fingering and allow him to locate your G-spot,which is about 2cm inside the vagina upwards side,when touched you must feel more pleasure in as much your brain is centered in the act at the moment. He can add little saliva to make it more wet ……… In all let him put you in high mood and even make you reach orgasm before penetration. Its better to have sex once a week and reach orgasm than daily without says 60% of married women. Blowjobs can add more flavor to the fun.. You should as well read my previous post about how to reach orgasm as well as teaching him what you will read from the post since its you both that are involved.Click here to read it
7. BE OPEN: Try as much possible as you can to let your man know your urge… During the day,sexy test messages and calls makes him start thinking of home early enough. 3 times text messaging  in a week helps to build your love life with him. Let me tell you,try to see your man as your new boyfriend when you were still single.
CONCLUSION: Try to satisfy your man often times,let him see reason to come for more daily. Some of you complain that if you tell your man how you wants it that he will say you have spoiled nut let him know you spoil’t to make him happy. Sex is fuel in every marriage and no amount of holiness can quench the fire. Don’t leave your female house maid to occupy some of your vital responsibilities especially food cooking,serving and bed dressing to avoid stories that touch.
Then if your man is having sexual problem(s) like QUICK EJACULATION,WEAK ERECTION ETC,please don’t see it as his personal problem. Seek for help together cos it affects you too. Actually,am here to give him the cure to such disappointing sickness that will make you and him unable to explore and enjoy yourselves. For cure of such contact me today on 2348180987294 or


8. SURPRISES:We are now in an era of DO ME AND I DO YOU. Its said a man should always be surprising his wife with gifts,but its never a sin,in fact it shows your love and concern for your man. Buy him cloth and shoes as gifts without him knowing. It makes him feel more loved. Take yourself as a man as see him as your wife and be caring ok ?

9. NAGGING:hmmmm. Many women have made their hubby a drunk cos men hates nagging a lot. So he branches at the bar to get high so as not to hear your nagging. Even bible advices men to sleep above the roof than to sleep with a nagging wife. Try much possible to stop nagging please,else you are at the verge of loosing him oh. Try to make the house welcoming to him.Use matured and respectful words to talk to him always and see him glued to you and always eager to be at home with you rather than branching elsewhere

10. BE SUBMISSIVE:You are not his head but helper,even if you are the sponsor of the family expenses,still respect him cos he deserves it.Don’t take laws into your hands,try to make him feel respected and seek his permission before you do things


11. OVERWEIGHT: As you all know,85% of men don’t like oversized women. To some men,they are irritating to them. Let me tell you some secrets now you women. Some of those guys that dated you would have wished to marry you but your body size made them change their mind but he cant tell you and you all know that a woman will increase more after delivery of kid(s). And one funny thing about ladies of today is that they know about this fact that men don’t like OROBO,so some are checking their weight by not eating normal. Some don’t eat half of what they need to eat in order not to add more weight and yet most keeps adding but do you know why you keep adding even as you are starving yourself? Lol.. Its cos you are doing the wrong thing(s) but am here to help you out.
Have you noticed some newly married women that are not fat will all of a sudden become fat? Hahahahaha.. A times people will start congratulating the man that hes giving the woman better food than the one she was eating before which might not be true. The reason is that most ladies of these days wants to retain flat tummy and have turn themselves to dieticians which they don’t even know what they are doing cos most even switch to eating things that have more calories. So far so good. When you marry,try to check your weight,there are ways to arrest adding more weight or how to loose weight and flatten the tummy in a healthy way without side effect and also reduce the risk of your husband having side feelings especially if hes among those who are phobia of over sized women. Some men feels heavy sized women are lazy which atimes its true cos they show it on the daily home work because of the heaviness of their body.(men na lie?)
Another interesting thing about been overweight is that it increases your chances of been
1. Infertile
2. High BP
3. Stroke
4. Been lazy on bed(which is a very irritating thing to a man)
5. Heart attack
6. Diabetes
7. High cholesterol ETC




Am not telling you this just for you to register in my weight loss program. You can ask your Dr more if you doubt me.
Now if you are on big size side and maybe you don’t like it or your husband have been complaining,you can join my next weight loss program. To join contact me. Men are welcomed also cos it too affects them.,,, check out below testimony of two people that  were part of my just finished program


From Seye Adeboye Olushola in Ibadan
From Seye Adeboye Olushola in Ibadan



You can read more about weight loss program here

You can reach me on facebook by searching


12. BATHING TOGETHER: Actually,its very much advised that you often bath with your man,it increases intimacy. Try as much possible to be bathing with him at least 2-3 times a week. Those your naked image keeps coming his mind and he will always wish to be around. Like you all know,its those images that keeps him aroused and he gets addicted to thinking about you during work house but that’s if you obey my point previously about keeping down there clean always,trim it if he likes it little hairy or shave it smooth if he likes it completely shaved.

bathroom bath
bathroom bath


13. MAKE THE BEDROOM A HEAVEN ALWAYS: Even if you are lazier than anything,please try to make the bedroom welcoming,the bed and pillow cases should have fresh air always to make you and him enjoy every fun you have on it,try to wash it atleast every 2 weeks on weekends  so it will never have odor

14. PRAY TOGETHER: This is vital element of every family,as much as possible try to be praying together day and night. Praying together increases the love and God himself enjoys to listen to prayers of couples


family prayer
family prayer


15. HAVE DATE ONCE IN A WHILE: Once in a while like in 6 months you ask your man out in a nearby eatery or restaurant,buy him drinks and have enough fun there. Those good times increases his love for you. Men love surprises too ok? So buy it for him even if its with his money.
Never forget to see your husband as your new boyfriend and may God help you to take care of the family

Women,you have the power to make your homes peaceful and in harmony or in war and anarchy,so whichever you want you go and work on it. But nothing like a happy family and its not easy but there’s always a way.

Feel free to share the post on your wall. I do go for seminars to give talks if am invited,so when next you org anise one in your church or school etc,you can do well and invite me in any state. It’ll be my pleasure to give more to help families both health wise and on family issues like this etc.

Do your man suffer weak erection,quick ejaculation etc? I know its provoking especially when he turns you ON and couldn’t satisfy you,why not seek for help today and get rid of it so you enjoy him.





For cure to any of your health problems,simply get to me on 2348180987294 or






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