Nigeria is a country with more than 170m citizens and highest in Africa with population and riches. Some months back there was some claims by Nigerian health sector of decease in rate of HIV/AIDS infection spread but as it is now,the rate has started rising due to some reason which we’ll treat later in this post

First,what is HIV,,according to definition its called Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV),its a virus which fights and kills the immune system making the body very open to all sorts of diseases.Its the immune system that protects the body by fighting germs and other infection,so when the HIV virus enters and weakens it,the body can no longer resist any intruding infection or disease.When the virus comes in,the immune system fights it but at a certain point the immune system gets weak if it has no support in terms of drugs and good feeding habit,that is why most people will start getting fat and becoming more cute and pretty at the onset of HIV infection then all of a sudden starts leaning.That was because of the fight between the HIV and the immune system.If this immune system is not supported in time which is why its advised one goes for test every 3 to 6 months to be sure,it will get weak and the HIV will change to AIDS which is Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome and at this point there is no help again than to wait for DEATH


HIV rashes
HIV rashes



SUFFERING FROM STI’s: When one has other sexually transmitted infections,it weakens the body and most times leaves the body with sores which is easier access for HIV infection eg TB,Cancer, candidiasis

HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX:Having sex raw which is most preferred by almost all is a sure way to contacting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as it allows both parties to have a fluid to fluid contact and whence there is a trace of the infection in any of the party’s fluid eg sperm,its very much easy to pass to the other though its believed from surveys that its more easy for a man to give to a woman that the reverse.Passing this infection is greater when both or any of the party has multiple sex partners…. eg A(John) has four girlfriends while B(Jane) has three boyfriends,,if by mistake any of the contacts it,its very possible it will be passed to seven persons in the circle and among the circle those ones will also have their own friends they can pass it to

BLOOD TRANSFUSION:During some emergency cases which require that a patient needs blood,if the person donating the blood i infected  with HIV and blood wasn’t screened well and the person gets the blood transfused into his/her body,it will lead to contacting HIV automatically and that is why its a law that all bloods must be screened well before any transfusion

MOTHER TO CHILD INFECTION: During and after birth,mothers can infect their babies with the virus unless they are on HIV care which is why mothers should go for check too so as not to endanger their unborn babies

SHARING SHARP OBJECTS AND INTRAVENOUS DRUGS:By sharing sharp objects with people,one exposes himself to dangers of HIV cos ones a user gets cut and hes infected,the blood can enter another users body if mistakenly cut by the sharp object,,eg shaving stick,razor,needle etc

HIV patient
AIDS patient at last point of life


1. To be infected,one must have a fluid to fluid contact with an infected person through blood(transfusion,sharing sharp objects),semen or vaginal secretions(during sex) etc.It can never be transferred or contacted through handshaking,kissing and infected person unless there is bite in which the other gets the infected blood into his system.Same with caring for a patient,you can contact it by eating or toileting or sleeping together

2. HIV progresses into AIDS after some years when the CD4 is below 200 depending on the power of the immune system.The progress is  by killing the CD4 which is a specific type of white blood cell whose work is to fight germs in the body.As the CD4 dies,so the immune system gets weak till its no longer strong for any fight against diseases


When the infection first enters the body,some signs begins to show within one to two months of the contraction.Below are some of them

a. Fever

b. Rashes all over the body especially the back

c. Sore throat

d. Pains all over the joints

e. Diarrhea

f. Night sweats

Mind you that some people may mistake this signs for other things like malaria and within a short time it will seize to show and the carrier thinks hes ok but as the virus continues increasing,the infection changes to a chronic one like

a. Continuous weightloss

b. Fever higher than 100F for weeks or even months

c. Chronic diarrhea

d. Headache

e. Blurred vision

f. Skin rashes etc

HIV+ mother receiving treatment
HIV+ mother receiving treatment


If one is infected with HIV,its advised one should add some lifestyles and eliminate some,,,below are things you should do to fight longer but that must be very effective if you are on ARV drugs

a. AVOID CERTAIN FOODS:There are some certain foods you needs to stop eating such as

i. unpasturised foods

ii. raw egg

iii. raw sea foods etc

b. BE CAREFUL OF PETS: Having pets is good but be careful so it don’t cause you more harms as some can carry infections which are deadly to a HIV infected person such as cat faeces which causes  toxoplasmosis

c. EAT HEALTHY FOODS: Add more good nutrients to your food such as increasing your fruit and water intake as these helps to boost the immune system


a. MALE CIRCUMCISION: Its believed that circumcision has a big role to play in HIV infection spread and as such,its advised to get all male circumcised

b. AVOID SHARING NEEDLES AND OTHER SHARP OBJECTS: Avoid using any sharp object used by other but if you must use them,please sterilize it well

c. USE OF CONDOM:If you are not sure of the HIV  status of your partner,please kindly put on condom anytime you want to have sex with him/her.There are both male and female condoms and as such you have  no excuse not to buy and put them on

d. FREQUENT TESTING: Its advised that all dick and harry should do HIV test every 3 to 6 months to be sure of their status as well as getting the right advise and care on time to avoid it getting to worst stage before its known.Also,pregnant women are advised to find out their status to be able to avoid endangering their unborn children


I know you clicked here as a result of the topic headline and am going to give you what you want now.When HIV first came into this country(Nigeria),people were saying its been spread among those who patronize the sex workers,little did they know they were wrong. The truth of the matter is that the increase in the rate of HIV  spread in Nigeria today is as a result of relationship and trust. After a survey I took some months back,I found out that the so called sex workers can never allow any of their clients to have sex with them without condom

sex workers
sex workers

sex workers waiting for customers
sex workers waiting for customers

Now the question is how is relationship contributing to HIV  spread in Nigeria?

You all knows that Nigerians can accepted courtship as a way to access  a life partner and along the relationship,about 90% involves SEX. Now the issue is that most are cheating each other,you can imagine a situation where a girl will have up to 5 guys shes dating at  time though its also in guys so its a two way something.Among these guys shes dating,some also has other girlfriends they are engaged in sexual activities with and as such there is high potency for spread of the diseases because a guy will say I TRUST MY GIRLFRIEND,so he will not consider the use of condom and the girl will not tell him of her sexual life for the sake of not breaking the relationship or get what she wants to get because Nigerian ladies of these days accepts dating request so the guy will settle her financial needs or search or husband since they have taken it that marriage is a MUST and time will be against them after  some time

bf and gf
bf and gf

Now if in the circle any partner contracts the infection,he or she will easily spread it to almost all of them and they too has other people they are dating,before you know it more than 10 people has got infected.The worst part of the issue is that Nigerians are not well informed about the importance of frequent HIV test and many are afraid to go for fear of been  found to have contacted it. They never knew that ONE CAN LIVE A NORMAL LIFE WITHOUT SHOWING SIGN OF THE INFECTION IF HE IS ON MEDICATION. Go for test and know your status and refrain from multiple sexual partners. DON’T DECEIVE YOURSELF WITH TRUST ON YOUR PARTNER NOT TO BE CHEATING if you are still single because almost all are doing it daily since one can never tell if the other had sex unless you are been told or catch them and as for the married,if you must cheat please put on condom so as not to put the life of your partner at home in danger. Take caution and let your condom be you friend though its not 100% secured but it can be trusted to a level. Make it a MUST to go for HIV test and counseling every 3-6 months to know your status and never you stigmatize carriers cause it can lead them to go extra length to see it gets to you or others. One wicked act of many these days is that once you find out they are positive they start going around to spread it to others as a way of PAY BACK but one can never get cured by sharing it rather you are killing others by victimizing them.If by any chance you become a victim,keep the advise of the counselors and always take your drugs and on time



If you are currently a victim,kindly meet your Dr or contact me on +2348180987294 and mind you that with strong immune system you can defeat many kinds of infections,so contact me today for supplements to keep your system in track and stay healthy and don’t forget to share on your social media for awareness purposes

I did not ask you not to trust your partner but it will be better to prevent problem than to cure it,know the status of anyone you want to have raw sex with before you do to avoid disaster that you will regret forever and also have it in mind that been HIV positive is not the end of your life cos one can live to old age with HIV if well managed




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