A times s*x is an issue that’s always discussed and done by couples which Bible records as the right people to have it without offense .Often times having or not having sex can cause problem in the family or relationship as it springs up intimacy.


Below are reasons why its as a matter of importance good to have s*x frequently

1. PROSTRATE PROBLEM: Lack of frequent ejaculation can cause prostrate problems like swelling especially when you have had the urge to ejaculate like after been horny for a long time

2. SLEEP INDUCER: S*x is the best option to take when you are having sleeplessness as it makes you feel very light after the act and works like sleeping pills after some ejaculations

3. HORMONE BALANCING AND STRESS REDUCER: Having regular s*x can help women having irregular menstruation periods as it helps in relieving them fro stress as well as balancing the hormones which are top period flow regulators

4. REGULATES MEN S*XUAL DISORDER: Most men having sexual dysfunction should engage in frequent s*x activity to enable them have constant blood flow. Normal blood flow down the penile veins is what makes a man perform well with good erection

5. YOUNGER LOOK: Having s*x like 4 times or more in a week is a good way to give your body best care for younger look as it helps you pull of all old age looks since its the best kind of exercise to remain fit and healthy

6. HEART CARE: Frequent s*x help blood flow very well all around the body and heart too making it active and heart to perform its functions as the engine house of the body





  1. Avoid luring unmarried people and youngsters into pre-marital sexual conduct. Condom or no condom, all I know is that No sexually immoral person will escape the wrath of God, the Almighty, unless the genuineness of their repentance has been confirmed by God. God gave sexual relations to only married couples. Thanks

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