One thing you should have in your mind is that no one steps into a relationship with an intention of breaking up but sometimes, it occurs and you have to deal with it. Now what matters is how you deal with it. The things you do after breaking up determines how fast you heal. Most importantly, you don’t have to break down because you broke up. So here are 11 things you should not do after breakup.

1. Don’t Listen To Sad Songs
Break up songs and their lyrics don’t mean too much to us until we’re going through breakup. If you really want to heal and move on, avoid listening to sad break up songs. Have a good cry, be angry, but listen to something more inspiring and uplifting instead of sad songs.


2. Don’t Hurry Into A New Relationship
After breaking up with your ex, a big part of you is going to miss the companionship you once had especially if you loved the person very much. However, the worst thing you can do after breaking off a relationship is getting into a new one. This doesn’t give you time to heal or time to regroup and figure yourself out in order to learn from your past to avoid another break up

3. Trying To Maintain A Friendship
Trying to maintain a friendship after a fresh break up is never a good idea. It puts all sorts of stress on both of you as you try to somehow remain friends. Work on being friends later on down the line, but right now, focus on healing and focus on yourself.



4. Hiding true emotions
After breaking up with a man, you’re bound to feel a rush of emotions. From sadness to anger, confusion and frustration, being emotional after a break up is okay. Emotions only become problematic when you don’t admit them. Admit and acknowledge your emotions, and release them. There’s no need to fake a smile when you are not happy.


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