Often times these days marriages don’t last again de to one reason or the other and among the most rampant reason is case of CHEATING partner. A times one wonders why its very frequent as such even when they keep saying I LOVE YOU to their partner,does it mean its not really from their heart?Firstly, I want to quickly make it clear to you that if you are not married but you are sleeping with guys and ladies because of pleasure of it, (i.e. For those who make themselves s*xpot), you are not helping yourself at all instead, you are only invoking the curse of the Almighty God upon yourself “Marriage is honorable in all and the bed un-defiled but whore mongers and adulterers God will judge” Heb. 13:4. Secondly, To start with, I want to quickly point it out here that men don’t have the right or whatsoever reason(s) to cheat on their wives according to the plans and purpose of GOD who “instituted” marriage between a man and woman. But in our contemporary society(ies) today you finds out that there are so many women who actually believe every man cheats and so have come to the conclusion that, “All men are the same,”(which is a lie from the pit of hell… But my question is,”if all men are the same,why did it take women long to choose one”? lol) but it’s not every man that cheats, there are some men who are just not into the habit of cheating (am speaking from statistics now ) but some women actually push them into it with the way they treat them or their behaviors or their “packages”, forcing them to jump into the hands of another woman.


Unfortunately, as human as we are, nobody wishes to accept blame and so we find women on all platforms trying to make the whole world believe that men are natural cheats but never mention what they do that makes men cheat. They are always the perfect side, “men are just not satisfied and that’s why they cheat” is the phrase that comes from women all the time. And I want to also quickly point it out here that “when it to the issue of another lady seducing your man or husband, there is no amount of spirituality that can stop it but the grace of God and God has given you to the man to prevent that from happening to the man Him has given you to” because the bible says in Proverbs 5:18 “Let your fountain be blessed and rejoice with the wife of thy youth”.

Women need to know among them, those who men are likely to cheat on based on their character or behaviours and their packages. Note that men have no whatsoever reasons to cheat on their wives in line with the above bible reference, as they claimed to fear and reverence God who is the AUTHOR of marriage, so in the course of my findings am able to discover and compiled a list of types of women that their men are likely to cheat on and here are 10 of them:- NOTE: I am a young guy who is passionate about Relationships/Marriages and putting an end to what I called “MARRIAGE BLOW THAT RESULT TO DIVORCE IN MARRIAGES”; and my target is to make sure we the younger generation do not suffer what our older couples are suffering in their marriages now that is resulting to increase in divorce in the camps of the children of God, if only you ll make use of the articles I shall be sending through this platform. God said “I ll make him an help-mate”…. He went further to say “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they two shall become one. The devil is never happy with any good thing God created and we as the children of God must do our possible best to block every roads the devil may pass and intrude into our relationship/marriage. Please feel free to share any of my articles and paste it to your friends and relatives. All the menaces in our relationship and marriages must stop in the name of Jesus-Amen if those concerned can emulate the teachings. Now back to the topic:

Below are the kind of women whose husbands are likely to cheat in their marriage
1. Disrespectful Women:
Men naturally have ego problems (Yes! We accept that but know that it’s not our fault  but nature) and if you’re the kind of woman who is really disrespectful, it insults a man’s ego and so if he finds a woman who submit and gives him that maximum respect, i am sorry to say, he’s going to move with her (from the general point of view).
Your man may love you deeply, but if you don’t respect him as a man and always treat him as trash, he’s likely to cheat on you. This includes women who always want a man to know she knows her right and wants the man to bow to her and also insults and speaks trash to him in public. If it goes on for a long time, he might not say a word, but he will definitely find a woman who treats him like a King and drop you like hot coal.
2. Nagging Women:
Every woman nags (not all the times though) but there are some women who are just outrageous, totally out of this world and can even make a man go crazy. They nag so much that they can even follow you to your work place to continue with it.
If you know you are that type of woman, then at one point in time, he’s likely to cheat on you. Usually, when a woman nags to the point where her man finds it uncontrollable, he tries to find a place where he can have his peace of mind and so when the opportunity presents itself, he’s definitely going to give it a nod (am not been spiritual here but I am speaking reality). Your nag can also make him turn to a drunk as he will want to use it to get over your nags at home.Some will take alcohol so as to sleep immediately they get home and from there he turns to a drunk. Even bible said its better for a man to sleep on top of a roof than to sleep in same bed with a nagging wife

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