HIV/AIDS is no longer a new thing to the ears of anyone as its one of the world current killer disease which has been on discovery for years now. At the moment no cure drug has been announced by the world health but there are some anti retro viral drugs given to the victims in order to allow them live longer which if managed well the person can live his or her normal life which is why everyone should always know his/her status. One can manage HIV but once it turns to AIDS its “awaiting death state”.  Too bad people from all walks of life do not run tests to know their status as required maybe due to fear of been diagnosed etc but whatever is your reason,its more dangerous to be ignorant of your status because thats why you don’t know if you are to start taking ARV drugs or not. GET TESTED TODAY

Thailand AIDS Vaccine

Below are signs that once you see them,you better run to hospital and get tested.

  1. FEVER: Flu like fever is one of the first signs of HIV present in your body as an inflammatory reaction against the virus entering your blood stream. Often times this fever do not get subdued by drugs
  2. Sore throat: When the body detects HIV presence in the blood stream,it reacts to the virus leading to a sore throat. Again when the body immune system is overridden by the virus especially when it has turned to AIDS sore throat is experienced again
  3. PAINS ALL OVER THE BODY: During the on set of HIV in the body,there is mostly joint pains as well as soreness of the muscle
  4. DRY PERSISTENT COUGH: The body can react to the new virus that has intruded the body leading to dry consistent cough which may not be calmed down by any cough syrup or drug. Its also a sign of damaged immune system which may cause the patient pneumonia

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