It is no longer a new thing to our ears that many relationships are nothing to write home about,so below will tell you if you are among those in a relationship which will only lead to heartbreak and so it needs to be cut now and go for a better one


1. The communication sucks:Good communication is a requisite for a healthy relationship, if you are in a relationship where you two barely communicate, you can’t recall the last time you had a heart to heart with your partner, you just text each other every once in a while, it’s just on and off, you are unaware of what’s going on in the other person’s life and it generally feels like you don’t know the other person then you’re not really in a relationship. You have formed a real bond only when you feel connected with your partner; emotionally, physically and mentally.

2. Too much PDA:This might come as a surprise, you two are practically nibbling on each other, isn’t that a good thing? No, it isn’t. This is indicative of over compensatory and ostentatious behaviour. You are trying to put on a show, a make-believe. It’s a way of maintaining the illusion that you guys have created, to lie to yourself and the others around you. You might be in a fake relationship and still manage to hear things like; ‘What a perfect couple you guys are’, ‘You make us want to have a relationship’ etc. If you guys are not this crazy about each other in private but can’t keep your hands off each other as soon as you have company, then you have a few questions to ask.

3. There are no remarkable moments:The relationship just feels ‘normal’, nothing special. You guys don’t have any exceptional memories together, there are no extra ordinary feelings attached to the time you guys spend together. This shouldn’t be the case, love is an exceptional feeling and if it feels anything less than amazing, you’re not really in love.


4. There is a lot of confusion:Initially, we all are a little hazy, not sure what to feel or if it’s okay to feel this way, unsure of your partner’s feelings, spending hours contemplating he loves me, he loves me not; but after you have spent notable time with your partner and you can’t really give substance to how you feel or if your partner truly loves you and you are not trying to do anything about this disarray of feelings and continue to profess love then this is a classic sign of a fake relationship.

5. Serious discussions are off limits:This is an extension of bad communication, a couple has silly conversations as well as serious discussions. You are wrong to think that a perfect relationship is one with no arguments and heated discussions, a happy couple talks about things that matter and it does not affect their love for each other. If you guys avoid having consequential conversations, talk about superficial things like the weather, then your relationship is too good to be true. If you really care about things, then there is no way you can go without arguments every now and then.


6. There is a power struggle:Letting go of your egos is essential for a sustainable relationship. You are in a relationship where someone always has to be right, it doesn’t matter how it affects your relationship, all that matters is being right! This means that there is a lack of love in the relationship, because when you are in love you are more flexible, more concerned about your partner’s feelings, being right doesn’t always matter.

7. There is s3xual chemistry….. ONLY:The only way you guys feel in sync is by means of physical contact, this simply means you are in a carnal relationship, once the infatuation dies, so will the relationship. This is a very common, characteristic sign of a relationship being timely.

8. You don’t know each other’s family and friends:A person who is serious about you, wants to make you a part of his life, will always introduce you to his friends and family. If it’s been a while and you still haven’t met each other’s family and it doesn’t seem to bother one or both of you, this means the person doesn’t want to get ‘too involved’ and has set limits to how far the relationship will go




Written by Iyere  Forgiveness




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