Getting over someone you once loved so much is never an easy thing. It takes time depending on one’s feelings and the love they had for that person. Some people take months, years and others a life time. But getting over someone has to start with you.


First of all, you have to accept it in your heart that the relationship didn’t work out for a reason. Either it was your own making or theirs. But the point is it wasn’t meant to be. When you understand that, then you have to get yourself together and move on because that’s not the end of your life.

Secondly, you have to forgive them for whatever thing they did or said to you that hurt you. And you should also forgive yourself for being lied on, used, fooled, and for whatever bad thing you did to them. Forgiveness sets the heart free from pain and it allows healing to take place.

Thirdly, you have to cut off the communication from them. Unless you had kids with them but don’t contact them again (in case they call or text you, don’t rush to pick or reply them. And when you pick up or text back don’t give them much of your time), stop checking them out on the internet to know what’s new in their life (don’t delete or block them because you might need them with time for them to see how happy and strong you will be without them), and avoid those friends who bring rumors to you concerning them.

Fourth, don’t venture into those places you used to hang in with them until you are fully healed because they will bring back the memories and that will refresh the wounds you are trying to heal.

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Fifth, remove all the memory triggers. In this I mean all those things that remind you of them. The gifts, the photos, the text messages… Don’t burn them but just keep them out of your reach. When you keep them around you, they will always remind you of them.

Sixth, avoid being alone. Keep around trusted friends and family members. Have fun and enjoy your life with them.

Seventh, make yourself busy with something productive. It may be a career, or a hobby. This will save you from being a lone, reminiscing about everything and second guessing all what happened.

Eighth, work on yourself. In this I mean, eat a balance diet and perform some exercises, go to the gym… all this will make you look well and it will keep your body in shape.

Then lastly, but not the least pray about it. Tell God all your heart burdens. Share all your pain to Him and ask him to help you find some better and that you deserve.


I’m sure if you put all this into consideration you won’t remain the same. Just like I told you, I have been there many times but I did the same things and here I am now. I’m happy and life is going on very well. You too can get over them and you can be happy again.Be strong & take care of yourself



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