You think women are the queens of manipulation, wait till you meet some men. They will do whatever it takes to get you into their bed and then dump you after satisfying their desires.Some ladies out there have no idea they are being manipulated by the men. They think they know exactly what’s going on and are in control, until the man gets you into his bed and after a while, he stops being interested in you.You see a lot of ladies broken and afraid of commitment after they have been dealt heavy blows by men, who promised to love them forever and then left them hanging after having s3x with them.

Though, there are decent guys out there who are genuine, understanding, and thoughtful, there are also the players, who are not interested in other thing besides getting between your legs.


Let’s take a look at some of the ways men manipulate women into having s3x with them.

1. THOSE THREE WORDS: Some girls will fall for those three words, ‘I Love You’, and a lot of players use this to their advantage. You’ve been dating for a while and you’re still confused whether to jump into bed with him because you’re not sure he loves you. Then, he drops those words and you lose your head and crawl into bed with him. Once he has his way, the love disappears. How many hearts have been broken by those words? Be careful before you believe every I love you. He might just be warming his way into your bed.

2. THE MARRIAGE TRICK: So many hearts have been broken with the promise of marriage. The guys know some ladies are desperate to get married especially African ladies and would do anything for it to come to pass. You’ve been refusing to go to bed with them and then they promise to marry you. You say to yourself, after all we are going to get married so I can sleep with him. After some months, sometimes after the first time he sleeps with you, he loses interest. After all, all he ever wanted was just get in between your legs.

3. ALCOHOL: He’s always wanting to pump you with alcohol. You’re out on a date and he’s coercing you to have more drinks. He keeps filling up your, prodding you to have a little more just to cloud your sense of judgment. You both get home and you’re not really thinking right and before you know it you are rolling in bed with him, something you wouldn’t have done if not for the alcohol.


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