female teenager shocked by result of pregnancy test

This has been a worldwide debated topic among folks and today I want to clear the air. I was lecturing somewhere in a health seminar ground and someone threw a question to me from the crowd if a “virgin girl can get pregnant” and my answer was YES. But this has nothing to do with Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus,,hers was an Immaculate conception

It is very much possible for a girl who is 100% genuinely virgin to be pregnant because for conception to occur,it does not need nothing more than a sperm and a fertile egg. The hymen which when broken atimes springs out blood as a sign of breaking virginity did not actually cover the whole vagina and as such its quite possible for a sperm to pass through the vaginal wall and meet the egg. The following are ways a virgin lady can get pregnant.

  1. Some ladies wants to keep their virginity till they marry so when they are pressurized by their male friends for s*x they offer their anus for sex in order to reserve the hymen which medically shes still intact.


From the picture above you can see that if her man agrees to penetrate her anus only without using a condom and fail to pull out when he wants to cum,some of the sperms will come out and go down to the vagina from the anus and if shes ovulating or between  3 days to her ovulation to a day after her ovulation which is mid days of her circle for a normal circle of 28 days its quite possible she can conceive without breaking her virginity.

2. Another way is if her man lays on her maybe for a foreplay and perhaps shes wearing only pants or nothing at all and the guy in question wears only boxer and happen to cum during the process  and it passes to her pants,the sperm can enter her vagina without her knowledge because its a fluid. Have in mind that it takes only a drop of sperm for a conception to take place.

3. Again a man with a very small/short dick can enter a virgin and cum without breaking her virginity and she gets pregnant.


So either way the best prevention for pregnancy not to occur by a virgin is to avoid any way sperm can come in contact with her vagina if not there are big possibilities that she can get pregnant with her virginity still intact





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