The issue of HIV/AIDS is no longer a new thing to our ears,but still there is alot to be done to prevent or reduce the spread because at the moment due to some reasons the spread rate is still high which is a set back to breaking through from this deadly sickness. There are things we human beings does that leads to higher risks of contacting HIV and below are 6 top reasons:

1. DISBELIEVE: Alot of people do not actually believe the HIV existence while a whole lot don’t believe they can contact it. There is this common saying when it comes to HIV matter in Africa,,alot will say “ITS NOT MY PORTION” but the truth of the matter is that its not about saying it or believing it can’t be part of your world but taking preventive measures. This same reason has made alot refuse going to test to know their status as well as telling their sexual partners that they have it to prevent the stigma. We need to be realistic. HIV is REAL

2. WRONG ORIENTATION: Alot who know little about HIV must have heard or come across a line that says been a top reduces the chances of contacting HIV but that doesn’t really mean you are at ZERO RISK. If the bottom guy(gay) or the lady laying on the floor while you top him/her has high viral load there is tendency you can contact it. Best measure is to wear condom and wear it VERY WELL

3. FEAR OF STIGMATIZATION: Alot of people have contacted HIV today due to their partners’ fear of stigmatization and failure to ask about their partners status before jumping into s*x with them. In fact asking about their status isn’t just enough. If he/she truly loves and cares for your well being then you both should go to lab and run a HIV test together to be sure of your status before involving in any unprotected s*x.Many people believes having unprotected s*x ¬†shows more of intimacy and love for each other as well as been enjoyed more but that shouldn’t confuse you into doing what you might regret for the rest of your life. Do not assume someone is HIV- (negative) because he/she looks healthy,its only test result that should sort your doubts.

4. DRUG/ALCOHOL INFLUENCE: When one is drunk or in the influence of drugs and by chance s*x comes up,there is higher risk to contact HIV because you may or may not wear condom,atimes may not wear it well or when it bursts you may not notice and keep digging and probably contact it. It is advised never to drink or take hard drugs before going into s*x especially with new partners or at places like clubs etc


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