When it comes to infertility in marriage,its not about women alone because its a two way issue. Both must be in good health to be able to conceive though often times especially in Africa the blame of childlessness is shifted to the woman alone. Below are things that can kill a man’s sperm leading to infertility

1. FEVER: Have you wondered why your doctor will ask you if you had been sick in the past couple of months like 3 months back whenever you go for sperm test? That’s because fever is strong enough to kill the sperms since sperms do not survive a hot temperate for a long time. According to Hal Danzer,a fertility specialist in Los Angeles, if the temperature of the testicles is raised to 98˚, sperm production ceases as well and affecting the motility and morphology of the sperm. Showering in hot tubs too can cause over heating so try avoid it

2. LAPTOP USAGE: Research has made it known that there is a direct correlation between laptop use and increased scrotum temperature—up to 35˚ in certain positions. If you doubt it,try place laptop on your laps for a long time,you will notice the heat on your testis,in that case the temperate is not favorable to the sperm health. To avoid this make use of a desk or table to place and operate your laptop

3. TIGHT PANTS: Same way wearing overly tight pants can be unsafe for women as it will not allow the v*gina to breathe well is how it is for men. When a man wears a tight pants for a long time it affects the temperate of the testes and its environment. Boxers is more preferred than a tight pants to allow it have a good normal temperature.

4. VARICOSE VEINS: Varicose veins in the scrotum is a very bad development to take place as it blocks proper blood flow,it also cause scrotal overheating as well as blood blockages in the veins and from research about 18% of men has this varicose veins in their scrotum which is usually found in the left testicle. This can be treated by varicocele embolization etc. If you have this try meet up with your doctor for proper check and treatment

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