This problem is one of the top issues a lot of couples complain about and it’s really affecting especially the woman psychologically and emotionally as many of them are not able to get pregnant as they believe it’s the cause.

Back flow of semen following intercourse may be caused by several factors.

1. Anti-sperm antibody
The man or the woman (or both) may produce anti-sperm antibody. This is a chemical substance produced by the immune system which mis-recognizes the sperm as an enemy and goes all out to attack. If anti-sperm antibodies come from the man, the tails of the sperm cells may be attacked, rendering them immobile. Should the antibodies come from the woman, the heads of the sperm cells are likely targets. In either case, the sperm cells become weakened and are unable to penetrate the mucus secretion of the cervix, which sits on the vagina and forms the gateway to the womb thereby leading to infertility.
In the same vein, if the woman’s vagina is too acidic, it becomes inhospitable to the sperm cells which thrive in an alkaline environment and may thus inadvertently kill them. Anti-sperm antibodies in either the man or woman suggest a previous INFECTION.

2. Defective cervical mucus
One of the functions of cervical mucus is to help guide or transport the sperm to the egg or ovum. The mucus is thin, watery and stretchy before and during ovulation. But after ovulation, consistency of the mucus changes and it becomes thick and sticky, inelastic and prevents the movement of sperm, closing the way to the cervix and to the womb and the egg. With the gate thus shut, the sperm naturally flows backward and outwards! Thick cervical mucus all-cycle-round may indicate inflammation and excitement of the glands of the cervix. This may be due to an infection, diary intolerance, irritation by chemical agent in soaps, tampons or sanitary pads and douching substances. Hormonal imbalance may also have a hand in it. So also over consumption of white sugar, and overuse of medications which may have upset the balance of friendly bacteria population vis¬a-vis the unfriendly bacterial flora.

3. ORGASM. Before a woman attains orgasm, there is an increased blood flow to the genital area in preparation for the receipt of the sperm. Orgasm disperses the blood, thus relieving the genital tract to enable the sperm move more swiftly. The contraction of the muscles as well helps to transport the sperm. Where a woman does not attain orgasm before the sperm are received, this could harm her conception, although this is not a cast iron rule.

4. Retroverted uterus. In women with retroverted uterus, the mouth of the uterus sitting on the vagina is pushed forward. This means sperm may first be fired to the back side of the cervix from where they have to find their way back again to the neck of the cervix. Many never make it. The solution is to lie on her right-hand or left-hand side whenever you and your husband are trying to conceive. What side to lie on will depend on to which side the uterus is tilted. Discuss this with your gynecologist.

5. LONGER PEN!S . It is believed that men with too long penis may misfires sperm during ejaculation and miss the target. For this reason, some authorities suggest that men with longer pen!s should pull back the shaft about three inches in the vagina vault just before ejaculation.

6. UNTIMELY EJACULATION: During thrusting,some men especially those who are suffering from s*xual problems tends to release outside the v@gina making it very possible for the sperm to come out.Men should make sure they ejaculate while the pen!s is still deep inside the v@gina

7. POSITION: Couples tends to enjoy their s*x lives in manner s*xual positions but when it comes to conception,there are good positions that will help a lot in making sure the sperms do not run out. eg is missionary style and doggy as they allow deeper penetration and the man should know he should ejaculate when his pen!s is deep inside

8. INFECTION: Some infections like Staphylococcus and other diseases can also lead to leakage of sperms after ejaculation,so in that case it’s advised you see your doctor for proper examination

However have it in mind that semen contains millions of sperms and when small amount of sperms enters the uterus,its only a SINGLE SPERM that leads to conception so just enjoy your normal s*x life.

You can opt for some measures like lifting your hips or taking a pillow behind buttock after his ejaculation which may prevent back flow to some extent. Maintain your genital hygiene before and after each sexual activity.


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