Reports have it that the castaway, Salvador Alvarenga, 36, who survived 15 months at sea by drinking urine and turtle blood has been sued for $1m for ‘eating his colleague’.The man who is being sued by the family of the colleague claimed that Alvarenga, ate crewmate Ezequiel Cordoba, 22, and want £650,000 from him.Mr Alvarenga drifted nearly 7,000 miles from Mexico when his boat was badly damaged by a storm in November 2012.The boat landed on the Marshall Islands where he described how he ate birds and fish he managed to catch by hand

He said when Cordoba died, he left his rotting body on the boat for nearly a week before throwing it overboard.However, Mr Cordoba’s family say they think he was a victim of cannibalism.According to, Mr Alvarenga, who has just published a book about his ordeal, has insisted he did not eat his shipmate.His lawyer Ricardo Cucalon, told El Salvador’s El Diario de Hoy newspaper: ‘I believe that this demand is part of the pressure from this family to divide the proceeds of royalties.‘Many believe the book is making my client a rich man, but what he will earn is much less than people think



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