The v@gina is an essential part of women should never play because of complicated nature. Every day, it is necessary that a woman to find the time to keep the area in a good condition to ensure that it is healthy and free of any form of infection. Below are the 10 things a woman should always remember about the v@gina

1.Coloured Fluid discharge is not normal: It’s very important to know about the nature of the fluids your body discharges. If your inner-wear stinks if you witness colored (green / yellow) or urine v@nal discharge, consult your doctor.

2. Remove Pubic Hair: Keep your pubic hair short or remove it completely to clean your intimate parts. As much as possible to avoid the use of razor blades, but if you have to, it’s always a new leaf.

3. Law and Sweaty Bottoms Can Bacteria Cause: Women often get their panties wet due to vaginal secretions, perspiration or cleaning the vagina after urinating. Wet soil for a long period may lead to development of bacteria, which results in bad smell or infection. So always keep your vagina clean and dry

4.Talcum Powder helps you Keep It Dry: Make it a daily routine after bathing to apply some talcum powder on your vagina. This will help you stay clean and dry vagina for hours

5.Avoid Scrubbing Your Nether Regions: The skin on your private parts is sensitive and can easily peel off when scrubbed with a hard product. So always choose products that are soft and easy on the skin.

6.Not Change Your Sanitary pads for nine hours: It is very important for menstruating women to change their sanitary towels every 5-7 hours. If sanitary napkins are worn for a long time, they can skin rash, causing bad smell and puts you to the risk of infection.

7.Cleaning vagina after intercourse is a must: Body fluids and particles from condoms and other birth products can cause an infection in the vagina. Therefore, it is very important to the vagina with a mild soap and clean water in order to protect against infections, and to keep the bacteria.

8.Wearing tight clothing can cause Sweat: It is always recommended that women wear breathable innerwear, made of cotton. Tight central midfielders and synthetic fabrics can reduce the airflow cause sweat, where you at a higher risk of developing vaginal infection

9.Avoid Showering: Showering means to wash or soak in French. Showering involves rinsing your private parts with an acidic chemical liquid and is often done after sexual intercourse to kill sperm. But showers interfere with the pH-level, and can cause an infection, and then it is an effective method of contraception at best. Therefore refrain from this practice.

10.Not To maintain the pH level May Cause Harm: The vagina of course adheres securely of bacteria and infections by maintaining an optimum temperature and humidity with a specific pH balance. Normally the pH of the vagina about 3.8 to 4.5 can be dramatically changed by the use of harsh soaps or chemical cleaners. This can permanently damage your vagina and cause constant irritation and infection. To maintain this pH level, use a mild soap and clean water on your sensitive parts. In case if you find a strong and unpleasant odor, immediately contact your doctor

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