Often times alot ladies want to do one or two things to their V@gina perhaps to make it cleaner or whatever, but before you choose to do something about your v@gina, consult your doctor to ensure that you not regret it later ..
Below are seven things you should never do to your v@gina

1. Use of lubricants: Oil-based lubricants are harder to wash and serve in turn as a breeding ground for bacteria. This can also lead to tampering latex condom, if you use it, increasing your risk of pregnancy or STIsĀ (sexually transmitted diseases). To avoid this, use silicon-based or water-based lubricant

2.Plastic toys: Did you know that most of these soft toys are made with phthalates, which are known to potentially cause cancer? This toy also undergo wear and increase the risk of infection-causing bacteria

3. Use of scented soap: perfumed soaps are undoubtedly not a sanitary way to clean your vagina, because chemicals that you prone to infection that include down often make. And so, instead of using sprays to combat a smelly vagina, consult a gynecologist.

4.Tightening creams or surgery: Want to feel like to be a virgin again and planning to vaginal rejuvenation surgery or use tightening creams? Beware of undergoing a surgery or the use of a cream to tighten the vagina as it increases the risk of various diseases such as HIV, bacterial skin infections or

5.Hair removal creams: It’s great smooth and hairless down there, but not using depilatory creams, such as abrasions would allow to be in the area – increasing your risk of infections. You can either shave or wash the vaginal area.

6.Douching: Vaginal shower (weeks or washing your vagina with water or liquids) is not a good idea because the pH of the vagina and in turn can change, increase the risk of infection.

7.Bleaching: Contrary to how you turned your face using chemical creams, there are high chances that your vagina might get dark when you bleach and do not help you deal with discolouration (if any). So no bleaching, please!


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