Whenever you find that you’re in any kind of joint pain, you will do more harm than good if you continue to eat the food I will list below
1. Beer: You should try and avoid alcohol because its high in purine of the body into uric acid, which can cause inflammation

2. Refined grains and flour: Avoid this because they are high-glycemic index foods which can trigger the production of inflammation-provoking vision. Moreso when the consumption of these products can also increase the risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes because they lack fiber and vitamin B. But you can go for brown rice.

3. Processed and Red meats: Processed meat and red meat contains chemicals, such as nitrites and purines as well as glycation end products (Iran) and can cause inflammation and pain in the body.

4. 5.Eggs: Eggs contains masnoce, which can also cause inflammation and pain.But if you insist try to avoid the yolks

5. refined and artificial sugars: Avoid excess sugar consumption because it also leads to weight gain, which puts more pressure on your joints and improve pain.Moreso sugar stimulates the release of human motivation called cytokines in the body. But if you must use a sweetener you can opt for stevia, honey or blackstrap molasses.

6. Milk Products: Milk products can also cause joint pain due to its high levels of protein casein content which can trigger inflammation and pain.At you can replace them with soy milk, almond milk, tofu, margarine or you can choose to complete vegetarian meal.

7. Refined salt (table salt): You should limit your table salt intake  because it contains chemical (ferrocyanide and aluminosilicate) which makes it free-flowing and strong, but this throws it out of its body fluid balance

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