V@gina health is something of very much importance for all women and below are steps you can take to keep it free from infection

A. Keep the vaginal area dry as much as possible. Moisture around your vagina will worsen the condition.

B. Maintain good hygiene to prevent vaginal itching. After using the toilet, always wipe from front to back.

C. Wear only cotton underwear and change it twice daily.

D. If possible, sleep without underwear until the itching has subsided if you have itching

E. Avoid bubble baths, scented sanitary pads and any other chemical irritants.

F. Do not douche or use harsh soaps to wash your vagina. Also, resist the temptation to scratch the itching area.

G. Avoid intercourse until the itching has stopped.

H. After exercising or swimming, take a shower immediately to avoid some organisms present in the water thats invisible to the naked eye from invading your pussy and make it a habitat(home)

I. Eat foods high in vitamin C to strengthen the immune system. This will reduce infections in the body.

J. Avoid sugar when suffering from chronic vaginal itching caused by yeast infection


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