Many people out there probably want to be Taylor Swift.

And we get it: she's rich, she's famous, she's talented and she's widely respected.

But whatever.

We want to be one of Taylor Swift's cats because we're pretty sure no creatures on the planet are treated nearly as well. Here are a few of the reasons why we say this…

1. You Get to Fly on a Private Jet!

You get to fly on a private jet
And you get this really comfortable seat, too.

2. You Get Personalized Luggage!

You get personalized luggage
And also a pretty cool name.

3. You Get to Wake Up Like This

You get to wake up like this
Sorry, Calvin Harris. But there’s a comfortable couch in the other room.

4. You Get Your Pick of Shoes

You get your pick of shoes
SO many shoes!

5. You Get to Snuggle with Austin Swift

You get to snuggle with austin swift
And let’s just say that Taylor’s brother is very easy on the eyes.

6. You Get to Take Selfies with Taylor Swift

You get to take selfies with taylor swift
Seriously, these are, like, every other photo on Taylor’s Instagram page.

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