The new trailer for Teen Mom 2 came out today, and there is one teen mom who is NOT happy with it.

Jenelle Evans made her feelings very clear with this tweet:

“Trailer for #TeenMom2 is coming out tomorrow, not happy about it but I guess that’s just bits and clips of every dramatic scene. As usual.”

Jenelle Evans tweets she's unhappy with Teen Mom 2 trailer

In the clip, her new boyfriend David Eason, who she’s been dating for about six months (in a row!) is portrayed as just another one of Jenelle’s poor choices.

“Do you think that mommy gets a lot of boyfriends really fast?” Jenelle’s mother Barbara asks her 6-year-old grandson Jace.

“Yes,” he replies.

The drama escalates, and we see Jenelle’s ex and baby daddy Nathan Griffith point out that Eason “just got out of prison for domestic violence.” Not exactly true, but he was accused of assaulting his last girlfriend and has been arrested on numerous charges.

We then see Eason get into it with Jenelle’s mother Barbara. He shuts the door in her face and she shouts, “You are the worst boyfriend she’s ever had!”

However, Jenelle insists the editors simply made Eason look bad for dramatic effect, and that in reality her mother was the disrespectful one. 

Jenelle not happy with Teen Mom 2 trailer - tweet

Contrary to her mother’s accusations, Jenelle claims Eason is the best boyfriend she’s ever dated

They certainly seem to have a lot in common. I’m sure they sit around the fireplace with the kids and compare stories of jail.

Jenelle is currently challenging her mother for custody of Jace. Barbara is his legal guardian and is not yet convinced Jenelle is a fit enough mother to take care of him.

Watch the clip below and let us know your thoughts.

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