It’s may be hard to believe, but there is a celebrity (though we use that term loosely) that absolutely DESTROYS Kanye West when it comes to batsh*t insane Twitter rants, and it is Tila Tequila.

We’re all highly disturbed and aware of her recent racist diatribes, claims of being God and threats to shoot up a movie theater.

And now she’s insulting a woman in the wake of her death after a battle with cancer.

In a Facebook post, Tila shared a link about the “tragic final moments” of former Mob Wives star Big Ang, who died last week, and wrote some words of disrespect about the recently deceased (typos have been included):

“do you guys think she deserves to be praised ? i mean she was the wife of a serial murderer mobster why is everyone so sad ?”

In actuality and despite her show’s title, Big Ang was not married to a mobster. Her husband Neil Murphy was a sanitation worker and a contractor. 

“did she cry for the families her husband destroyed ?” she continued in the same post. “i dont understand why everyone feels so sad lol what do you guys think ?”

Now, it’s not like Tila is the pillar of sensitivity or propriety (or for that matter, sanity), but bashing someone less than a week after they died of stage 4 cancer is pretty low.

Ironically, however, just three days prior, she posted a photo of herself with Big Ang (and Amarosa), writing a touching tribute that gave some high praise to the reality TV star.

“I am terribly sad to hear that Big Ang has passed away! I didn’t know her well, but when I met her she was the only other celebrity who was friendly with me, and always sat next to me. She was asking me a lot about Izzy, and then shared pics of her family to me, and told me what a blessing babies are! She was a very fun, and free spirit for the short time that I got to spend with her! R.I.P. Big Ang! You will be missed dearly! ‪#‎BigAng‬ ‪#‎MobWives‬”

Tila’s erratic behavior is honestly no laughing matter.

Her baby daddy Thomas Whitaker is suing her for full custody of their one-year-old daughter Isabella, citing that Tila is mentally unstable and suffers from delusions of grandeur.

It’s impossible to truly understand what is going through this woman’s brain, but we do hope she gets the help she needs… fast.

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