For a while there, it looked as though the feud between Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner was a thing of the past.

It was widely assumed that Kylie more or less admitted defeat after Blac began dating Rob Kardashian, and it seemed that even if they hadn’t fully buried the hatchet, the ladies had at least agreed to remain civil to one another. Now it looks like the truce is over and they’re right back to square one – all thanks to yams:

That’s a still from Kylie’s new cooking show, the not-so-imaginatively-titled, Cooking With Kylie.

In her debut, which was released today, Kylie and her Metallica-t-shirted friend made candied yams, because apparently when Kylie wants a snack she whips up a random Thanksgiving side dish.

You can watch the whole thing on Kylie’s subscription-based website if you’re the type who’s willing to pay money to watch two wealthy teenagers melt marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes. We’re not here to judge.

So what does Kylie’s old lady taste in food have to do with Blac Chyna?

Well, it seems Blac’s been hosting a web series called – you guessed it! – Cooking With Chyna for several months.

Naturally, she wasn’t happy to find out that Kylie had hijacked her idea, and she made her feelings known on Instagram.

Just minutes after Kylie debuted her instructional ode to the culinary arts, Blac posted a message reading simply, “Bitch bye Follow @CookingWithChyna #InfatuatedWithChy”

Well, it looks like it’s on again.

Obviously, Blac didn’t come up with the idea of cooking shows, but it doesn’t take much to get these two going.

Of course, if Blac can make good on her promise to help Rob lose weight, we’re sure Kylie would happily cede the title of top chef. 

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