Seun Aransiola

Female juju musician/Vice Chairman, Association of Juju Musicians of Nigeria (AJUMN), Seun Aransiola narrowly escaped death on Saturday, February 6th, 2016, along Ikorodu Road, Lagos, while returning from a show.

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Seun recounted her ordeal while speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly:

“The experience is not funny at all. No one will pray having an accident let alone being hospitalized. But I give thanks to God for saving me. I bless Almighty God that I came out alive. Although, my jeep crashed beyond repair, that can be replaced and it will surely be in as much God is on His throne. I survived the accident miraculously with slight injury on my neck. What’s important is that I am alive. I must be grateful to God for that. A lot of people whose cases were not as bad as mine had gone to the great beyond. So, I owe my God a lot of thanks.

“As I speak, I am still at the orthopedic department of Railway Federal Hospital, Ebute Meta, Lagos, where I am receiving treatment. It’s a very terrible experience. I never planned for that. With the incident now, I won’t be able to perform at any of this year’s Valentine shows. I have also lost another vital engagement which I have been paid part of the money. Man proposes but God disposes. The most important thing is that I am alive. I remain unstoppable no matter the devil’s plan. And by the grace of God, I will be back on stage very soon.”

Narrating how it all happened, Aransiola said, “I was trying to navigate my way back home from the airport. On getting to Oshodi-Anthony area, there was terrible traffic-bumper to bumper. So, I decided to go through Ilupeju Ikorodu Road. But when I got to the main road, I discovered the situation was even worse because of the Lagos Marathon race going on that day. I didn’t have a choice than to continue in the traffic. There was a road block along the route. So, I couldn’t turn at Jibowu as I thought. I had to go through Yaba College of Technology/Morroco Road, where the traffic was light. At Igbobi Hospital Road, I lost control trying to avoid an okada man who ran into my car. That’s the last thing I could remember. I didn’t know how and when I landed in the hospital. It’s at Railway Federal Hospital that they discovered I had neck injury after the x-ray. But I was assured I will be alright soon.

“Now, I am feeling much better. And any moment from now, I may be discharged. I thank God and everybody that came to my rescue when the incident happened. If not for divine intervention, the story would have been a different one. I will forever be thankful to God for His mercies and protection over me. Concerning my damaged ride, God will provide another one.”

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