The Kylie Jenner-Blac Chyna feud is back on with a vengeance, and people are taking sides.

Blac’s mother, Shalana Hunter, recently took to Instagram to launch a vicious attack on the lip kit guru and her entire family, but in doing so, she dropped a hint that have some fans thinking Kylie and Tyga got married.

According to HollywoodLife, Hunter calls the reality star “Kylie Jenner Stevenson,” in a NSFW rant. Tyga, who is Blac’s baby daddy and ex-fiance, is actually named Michael Ray Nguyen Stevenson.

“None of you b**ches can produce a Kardashian baby,” she starts. “Not one!!! One thing Chyna can do that you but you can’t Kylie Jenner Stevenson!!!!” 

We’re not sure how Hunter would be privy to information about the couple’s marital status, unless it somehow got back to Kylie’s brother and Blac’s bae Rob Kardashian, who then told his girlfriend.

But we’re also not sure why she’d choose to call Kylie by Tyga’s last name.

Nevertheless, Hunter continues on her nonsensical and completely bananas takedown of the entire Kardashian family, specifically naming Kylie’s sister Khloe: 

“And that’s be a Kardashian b**ch. But who the f**king wants too hoe!!!! Btw — can Khloe have kids??? Who wants the name Kardashian anyway … just an FYI hoes.

“Ya’ll b**ches are all weak. I bet when these hoes turn 50 they going to turn to mommy dearest. Oh God, let me hang myself, I see old age. The TV screen is melting on me. Oh God, my beautiful face is melting.”


But that’s not all.

In a separate post, she screams at Kim Kardashian for getting plastic surgery on her face and calls her a “weak ass bitch” and tells her she better have security if the two ever come face-to-face.

Since Hunter is clearly stark raving mad and just spewing craziness, we don’t give much credibility to her calling Kylie “Stevenson.”

She could’ve called her “Kylie Timberlake” and it would’ve made as much sense as the rest of the rant.

The whole Blac-Kylie beef started up again when the former called out the latter on Instagram for stealing her idea for a cooking show.

Then Tyga stepped in to defend Kylie and took a shot at Blac in an Instagram video.

No response yet from Kylie, Khloe or Kim.

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