It’s been two months since Leah Messer won custody of her twin daughters back from Corey Simms after a long and frequently ugly legal battle. 

After a rocky transition period that followed the kids moving back into Messer’s home, sources say Leah and Corey are on “great terms” with one another – and it’s all because Leah has finally cleaned up her act.

An insider close to the situation tells Radar Online that the current custody arrangement “is working out just fine,” and Corey no longer fears for his children’s safety.

One of the he ex-couple’s lowest points was featured in the latest Teen Mom 2 trailer.

In a clip from the upcoming season, Leah is “Corey is trying to take our kids from me,” Messer sobs in the new trailer. “What’s life without your kids?”

Leah’s pill addiction was depicted in previous episodes of the long-running series, and Simms was able to convince a judge that she was an unfit mother.

Now, that she’s completed rehab and proven her ability to get the kids to school on time, Simms reportedly feels comfortable with Leah maintaining primary custody of the girls.

Yes, for once, it looks like things are going Ms. Messer’s way!

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