Guys, memories.  Amiright?

This is probably the 600th post you've seen about Netflix's Fuller House, and we really appreciate you sticking around to read the end of this sentence.

You're still here!  Did you watch the pilot?  Did it require a 4-drink minimum to hear Stephanie talk in a crap British accent?  

Or were you so overserved that you hope iTunes sells the most updated version of "Forever?"

Whatever your mindset, the nostalgia will hit you like a wave.  And like that wave, it might shoot water up your nose, which is bad.  

BUT, it will also engulf you in a wonderful current that sends you gliding towards the shore, which is great.


1. Never Change, Danny

Full house danny tries to dance with stephanie
Ever. You are the coolest lame dad in the world. And your dedication to keeping a clean home is grossly underappreciated.

2. Whose San Francisco Is It Anyway?

Full house becky and danny smash coffee mugs
Talent, right?

3. Comet Reviews Stephanie’s New Glasses

Full house stephanie shows comet her glasses
And it ain’t good. In fact, it made Steph feel like a loser. Man’s best friend, my a**.

4. Get A Room (Or an Attic), You Two

Full house jesse takes rebecca for a spin
I remember thinking this throughout the show’s entirety. Uncle Jesse was way too sexual for my pre-pubescent liking. Present day, though, I’d hit it.

5. Again With The Sexuality

Full house uncle jesse shakes his hips
And to think, this scene aired on a Friday evening. When children were watching.

6. Joey Was Kinda Painful To Watch

Full house joeys famous cut it out line
There were very few scenes involving Joey where I didn’t wish for the fast-forward option. Also, I think puppet, Mr. Woodchuck kind of resembles Andy Cohen.

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