Gigi Hadid Just Had a NIP SLIP on the Versace Runway!

The #FreeTheNipple campaign on Instagram is going strong, and we have a new crusader joining the fight: Gigi Hadid.

Although this time, it may have been unintentional.

Gigi’s nipple broke free of it’s Versace prison during a runway show today and busted out to give a big HELLO to fashion aficionados in attendance – and the entire Internet, thanks to smartphones.

The model was walking braless in a low-cut, draped-neck black dress when her areola made its escape.

(However, it could’ve just been looking for Zayn Malik.)

And just like that, men everywhere suddenly took an interest in couture.

While a model revealing a nipple is nothing new, Gigi Hadid is arguably the biggest model at the moment, and it doesn’t appear as though Donatella Versace had that little peep show planned.

Being the professional, Gigi remained unfazed by the nip slip and just kept on strutting down the catwalk like it was nothin’.

Maybe she was so focused she didn’t notice, or perhaps inside her head she was screaming, “Oh, for the love of Christ, is my friggin’ NIPPLE OUT?!?”

Clearly, Gigi wasn’t aware of Kim Kardashian’s infamous boob-taping trick.

But since her best friend is Kim’s little sis Kendall Jenner, maybe Gigi could finagle her way into getting a private lesson. 

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