Kylie Jenner: Following Tyga on Tour So He Doesn’t Cheat?

For some reason, Kylie Jenner is still dating Tyga.

That doesn’t mean that she’s not aware of the constant rumors that Tyga is cheating on her. She knows what the tabloids are saying, and she’s responded not by kicking the rapper to the curb – but by watching him like a hawk.

Despite the fact that he’s better known as Kylie’s boyfriend than as an artist, Tyga’s label is funding a mini-tour throughout the Southwest this week.

Insiders say Kylie will be with him every step of the way to make sure that he doesn’t seek out any groupies after he steps off stage.

“Kylie’s keeping a short leash on her boyfriend Tyga and that’s why she’s been super close with him while he’s touring,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“She knows all about the tour life and how some of these girls can try to convince Tyga to take part in complete and total debauchery.

“She’s not letting that go down on her watch and will try to make every single show of his to ensure that the only woman who will be tucking him in at night is her.”

Seems like an awful lot of work, especially considering Kylie has dumped Tyga on more than one occasion, and she seems to have given up on the idea of having a future with the guy.

At this point, she’s probably just intent on “winning” the breakup, which is a move we both understand and support.

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