1.Flowers, chocolates: All time favorite of all women- Flowers and Chocolates, not just chocolates but a lot of chocolate gift to your pregnant wife.
2.Ultra Sound: If your wife has completed her 6 weeks of pregnancy and has done an ultrasound already you could get it framed in a shadow box with some baby items like baby record book and things like that.
3.Jewelry: Get some personalized jewelry like a ring with her and the new baby’s birthstones in them. If you know which month your baby will be born you can look their birthstone up online or speak to a jeweler, and they can figure it out for you. Maybe you could go with a ring or necklace or a bracelet with your wife’s birthstone and the birthstone of the new baby…..she is sure to love it! Jewelry with baby and parents initials is also a good option.
4.Baby Charms: You can get boy or girl baby charms for your wife.
5.Baby Carriage: The baby carriage is also so cute as a mother’s day gift for a mom to be.
6.Movie: How about taking her to see her favorite movie or show. Like this, you can also collect some memorable moments of life.
7.Gift Certificate: A gift certificate for something she can’t do right now because she is pregnant for after the due date.
8.Tickets: Tickets to somewhere worth traveling to, e.g., Disneyland for next year when the baby is a year old.
9.DVDs: A DVD set of her favorite program or one she hasn’t seen, so she can sit and be entertained, and those episodes will always remind her of her pregnancy.
10.Video Camera: A video camera to capture all your new baby’s sweet memories is a moral mother’s day gift.
11.Prepare for new Baby: If your wife is in her 8thor 9thmonth of pregnancy, then you can make your home for the new baby. Set all baby things in her room make your wife feel as the baby is about to come.
12.Pamper your woman: An excellent massage, pedicure or manicure, anything that will cater to her and make her very relaxed.
13.Gifts: Get her some stuff like candles, bath stuff, a beautiful blanket, and perfumes, etc.
14.Dinner: Make her dinner, get flowers, and give a mother’s day message on behalf of your unborn baby.
15.Book: Give some good parenting or pregnancy books.
16.Baby Stuff: Shop baby stuff with your wife, if her health allows, I am sure she would like this.
17.Dress: Give some maternity dresses and comfortable footwear.
18.Portable speakers: Gift her set of portable speakers so that she can ask for anything without leaving her place during the pregnancy.
19.Baby monitor: Baby monitor, you would surely need this after having a baby, and she love to have this by now.
20.Photo mug: All personalized gifts are good, among them photo mug and personalized phone case are also a good choice.
21.Baby cot: Buy a baby cot and decorate it with all baby products.
22.E-Reader: In pregnancy reading is difficult in books or on the laptop because books and laptops are too heavy. E-Reader makes reading easy, and a pregnant lady can read for a long on it.
23.Mom beauty kit: Beauty kit always attracts to every woman. Gift her mom to be beauty kit to make her feel special.
24.Homemade video: Make a video of all your good memories.
25.Nail art: Take her for a trendy nail art to pamper her on her special day

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