Are you looking out for dating a girl successfully? Below are tips to apply to get a good result

1. When you meet a girl, don’t think of s3x first; don’t ask for s3x. Even if you are “he-goat”, pretend that you are a monk for some time.

2. Don’t go searching for a virgin, if you are not a virgin yourself. Be not a “cheat”! All the girls you have disfigured, disvirgin,screwed, disappointed, who will marry them? Besides, there no
record or law says that virgins make better wives or are more
faithful in marriage. After all, even the harlot in the hotel was once a virgin.Meanwhile, its so0o0 go°°o°°d to maintain your virginity till marriage.

3. If you are a “modern man,” don’t look for a “village girl that knows nothing.” Soon you will start complaining that she is too local to fit into your circle of enlightened friends. Besides, a village girl may “wise up” and trouble will start in your home.

4. Don’t look for a girl that is afraid of you: a girl you can always intimidate. Fear is not respected.

5. Don’t be carried away by a girl’s beauty
Physical features: beauty, height, complexion, shape, breast shape, size and firmness, etc. They matter, but they are not critical. In the long run, childbearing and age affect these features. Besides, when you have married a woman for some years, her physical
features stop “turning your head.” At that time, what will attract you to her will be what is inside of her: intelligence, wisdom, self-control, patience, peace,
gentleness, etc.

6. Don’t be interested in a girl because of her wealth or her parents’ wealth. Even if she is richer than you or her parents are richer, make it clear from the beginning that you will take care of your marriage yourself for that both of you will take care of your marriage together. Don’t accept your in- laws taking care of your family responsibilities. Let them allow you to build your home. After all, many of them
were poorer than you were now when they got married. If they want you to upgrade to their level, let them support your business, e.g., by supplying their goods to you to sell and make your money.

7. Look for a girl that shares many critical issues of life with you. And you will find these out during discussions and interactions. For example, if you love bribery, and she hates it, it may cause you
problems. If she loves going to church and you hate
it, it may cause problems too. Vice versa

8. Look for a girl that not just loves you but respects and admires you. When “love intoxication” wears out, the respect she has for you will keep her going. Also, look for a girl you respect so that she will not
start irritating you later in life.

9. Look for a lady “with a conscience”, not just a religious one. A religious person can do anything, but “a lady with a conscience” will never think of certain things.

10. Look for a friend, not a saint or an angel – Saints
are usually acknowledged after they are dead while Angels live with The Almighty in Heaven!


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