9 Basic Things You Need To Do To Keep The V@gin@ Clean,Healthy And Free From Infection

The v@gin@ is a vital organ in every woman’s body which needs a very special attention to make it healthy, clean and free from infection. Below are the steps to take to make it so

1. Allow plenty air into V@g!n@l area: First; you need to let your V@g!n@l area to “air out” whenever you get the chance. This means going without pants or underwear whenever you have the opportunity, especially while sleeping. If you cannot stand to be bare-bottomed, at the very least you should switch to wearing cotton underpants. These will maximise the air flow to your V@g!n@ and give the bad bacteria less opportunity to grow and fester.Wearing tight pants restricts the flow of air between your legs, which allows the bad bacteria to grow and multiply. In contrast, wearing loose skirts allows your V@g!n@l area to air out. In addition to being more comfortable, this will help you to cure a smelly V@g!n@ more quickly.

2. Daily washing/changing of your underwear: Always keep your undergarment clean. Make sure you change them at least daily and wash them in hot water to kill any stubborn bacteria. This will help to get rid of sweat and bacteria may have been trapped, leaving you feeling and smelling better.

3. Change your diet: What you eat has significant effects on the smell of your V@g!n@. Eat a healthy diet that contains very little processed foods and sugar. These foods change the pH of your V@g!n@, and could affect the smell. Sweet V@g!n@ smell and taste can be produced by vegetables high in chlorophyll, like wheatgrass, parsley, and celery, fruits and spices like peppermint and cardamom. On the other hand, foods such as coffee, meat, dairy, garlic and strong spices have the potential of changing your V@g!n@l odour to something very unpleasant.

4. Take unflavored yoghurt or probiotics: Taking plain unflavored yoghurt that contains live active cultures is an excellent way of re-introducing some of the good bacteria that would have been destroyed in the V@g!n@ and restoring normal V@g!n@l ecological balance.These products contain millions of live bacteria that when taken helps to keep your V@g!n@ healthy and free of unpleasant odour.

5. Shower every day to clean your V@g!n@: Take your shower at least once daily, but twice daily is much better. While in the shower, use a soft cotton washcloth damped in water to wipe down the outer labia gently. After, gently rub the inside of the labia and then down to your butt crack. Rinse well. If you work out, sweat excessively, go swimming, or are involved in some other sweat-inducing activity, another shower won’t hurt. Just be sure to avoid taking a bath, as the dirt, sweat, and bacteria aren’t washed away so much as stepped around your body.

6. Keep your V@g!n@ dry: For the same reason that taking a long, hot bath isn’t the best way to get clean, vV@g!n@s need to keep dry. While some moisture is just part and parcel of having a V@g!n@, letting moisture and sweat stew down, there is a recipe for odor. Make sure that your V@g!n@ has had ample time to dry after the shower. Change out of clothing that is damp or sweaty, shower after excessive exercise or swimming, and be sure to give your V@g!n@ plenty of (in private) air time.

7. Use a mild, unscented soap when washing your V@g!n@: It may seem to go against your natural instincts, but if you have V@g!n@l odor, you should use a very mild soap with no added scents or dyes.The closer to natural you can get, the less interference there will be with the natural bacterial ecology of the vaginal. Keeping the natural bacteria in balance will get rid of excess V@g!n@l discharge, get rid of odors, and help prevent itching and irritation.

8. Don’t use antiseptic soaps, douche or body wash on your V@g!n@: Body washes and body scrubs are rarely anything but a conglomeration of highly irritating scents and dyes. Some contain oils, synthetic compounds, and even minute pieces of plastic. While these may smell nice and fresh when you uncap the bottle, these chemicals will do nothing but disrupt the delicate skin of the V@g!n@.In the end, this can cause an imbalance of bacteria and excessive odor, discharge, and irritation. Antiseptic soaps should as well be avoided as well. These products kill the good bacteria and predispose one to have V@g!n@ thrush infection. It’s a common misconception that douching is the best way to clean your V@g!n@. Many over-the-counter douches contain artificial scents and harsh chemicals. Let’s face it: a V@g!n@ should not smell like strawberry fields or summer breezes. They just shouldn’t. Even the douches that are gentle are often unnecessary.

9. Avoid multiple s*xual partners: Resist the urge to have multiple s*x partners. Studies show a correlation of multiple s*x partners with recurring infections of bacterial vaginosis even though it isn’t a s*xually transmitted disease

10. Daily use of the v@gin@l lotion for a
a. Cleaning the genitals
b. V@g!n@l disinfection
c. V@g!n@l odour removal
d. Relives V@g!n@l itching
e. Replenish the V@g!n@ to avoid painful s*x
f. Kills candida albicans etc


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