As a lady, you need to ensure you prevent any form of infection or introduction of infection into your most valued part of the body and below are some top guides in ensuring that:

1. Wipe from front to back after going to the toilet – the rectal area is full of yeast

2. Take baths, not showers – sitting in tub can clear yeast from the v@gin@l area

3. Dry yourself thoroughly afterwards, especially the pubic hair – use a hair dryer on low setting if you have to

4. Don’t use soap around the v@gin@ – soap kills the bacteria you want to keep, and has no effect on yeast

5. Sterilize or throw away underwear that you wore during your last infection – the washing machine isn’t hot enough, you must boil them if you want to keep them. You must also replace any diaphragms or caps.

6. Avoid chemicals like deodorant tampons and especially v@gin@l douches, which serve no purpose and may cause infection

These sensible precautions may also help prevent candidiasis:
1. Wear loose cotton underwear
2. Avoid pantyhose and tight pants

3. Eat live yogurt, especially if you have been prescribed antibiotics or have other factors which increase your risk for yeast infections – pasteurized yogurt isn’t effective. Some health food stores carry lactobacillus acidophilus pills which may help to keep yeast in check

4. Cut down on sugar and alcohol (yeast’s favourite foods)

5. Consider changing “the pill” – if you’ve had recurring infections, talk to your doctor about changing your birth control pill and see if it helps

6. Make sure your partner is not infected – there’s no point curing candidiasis if you’re going to be re-infected

7. Don’t ask for antibiotics if you’ve got a cold or the flu – the flu is caused by viruses, so taking antibiotics won’t help and they might provoke candidiasis

A.kill candida albicans, staph aureus and bacillus coli

B.Replenish vaginal moisture to prevent pains during sex

C.Clean and disinfect the vagina

D.Remove vaginal odour

E.Relief vaginal itching ETC

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