Pornography is considered ravenous cancer is destroying modern society when viewed from moral and religious standpoints.
Pornography no longer has to be seen in steamy theaters or bought at an adult bookstore; the internet is a useful place. Porn on the web is accessible, affordable, and anonymous. Accessibility allows small children as well as adults to view such images.
Some surveys have been carried out to ascertain whether or not pornography has any negative consequence on people who practice it. The result of such studies have been mixed; while some studies report no or minimal adverse effect, others report severe consequences.
For those who suggest that porn addiction has severe consequences, the chief danger from porn has much to do with s*x directly. It comes from the effect of intense stimulation on the reward circuitry of the brain. This is the part of the brain which plays a significant role in driving our behaviors, addictions, as well the regulation of neurochemical dopamine in these processes.
Usually since addiction to porn is strongly linked to indulgence in masturbation, there are suggestions that the individuals involved usually have ailing relationships. More of the time that is meant to be spent with their partners are dedicated to pornography, neglecting their partners and also not able to s*xually satisfy them.

Also, a large Italian survey showed a link between porn addiction and erectile dysfunction (impotence). Most men are astonished to learn that pornography use can be a source of s*xual performance problems.
To support this fact, it is shown that 70% of the young men seeking clinical help for s*xual performance problems had been using internet pornography habitually.Usually, a series of events occur that eventually leads to erectile dysfunction.
It is also worthy of note that porn-related impotence is reversible. It appears that recovery requires 4 to 12 weeks of avoiding intense s*xual stimulation.
In addition to affecting sexual health and relationship, porn addiction also:
a.kills one’s daily routine
b.increases anxiety
c.reduces one’s self-esteem
d.damages functioning of brain, causing warped thinking and desensitization

Another issue with porn is that since they have become more accessible to everyone because of the internet, children are therefore vulnerable to abuse, rape, and incest

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