A lot of people wishes to explore their body more during lovemaking that they opt for making love through the anus. To some its so cool but before you opt for it, read below to know dangers behind this act

1. The anus and the rectal tissues are delicate. They do not produce lubrication. The muscles ordinary tightens if stimulated, which means that the insertion of any foreign body may be uncomfortable. If penetration is forced, an injury is possible.

2. Tearing of the tissues can allow the entry of bacteria and virus, leading to s*xually-transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, genital herpes, genital warts, hepatitis B and syphilis.

3. Anal sphincters surround the anus. Repetitive penetration can weaken the muscles and make you difficult to hold faeces. Anal incontinence can be very embarrassing!

4. The anus is full of bacteria. Hence, v@gin@l s*x after anal s*x means transferring these bacteria into the v@gin@, a cause of Urinary Tract Infections.


5. Men can get Urinary Tract Infections from penetrating the anal canal.

6. Anal s*x can result in inflamed hemorrhoids (piles).

7. Anal s*x transmits the Human Papilloma Virus.

8. The practice can lead to anal cancer in both men and women

9. It carries a greater risk of transmitting the HIV. Condoms and lubricants can be used, reducing the risk of infections, but the act remains risky.

So guys concentrate on the one nature give you and forget ANUS


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