Many people do not know that a woman’s failure to getting pregnant can be as a result of her man’s infertility issues. Infertility in men can be caused some factors and these includes:

1.Problems with semen
Semen is the fluid that is ejaculated during intercourse, and it contains the man’s sperm. If the semen has problems or abnormalities, then the man might not be able to make children.
Some possible reasons for abnormal semen are listed below.
A.Low sperm count or absence of sperm
B.Abnormal sperm, regarding shape, size. This affects the sperm’s ability to swim or go in the right direction to fertilize the egg.
C.Decreased sperm mobility. In this situation, it will be harder for the sperm to swim to the egg.

2.Problems with the testicles
The testicles are like the sperm factory, where the sperms are produced and stored. Difficulties with these testicles can seriously affect the quality of your semen. Some of these includes:
A.Testicular cancer
B.Infection of the testicles
C.Surgery involving the testicles, or injury to the testicles

Congenital defect, problems of the testicles that comes with birth
Undescended testicles (when one or both of the testicles has not descended into the scrotum)

3.Tubular blockage
In this circumstance, the testicles produce sperm, but the sperm cells do not reach the semen. It happens when there is blockage of the ducts of the reproductive system which in one way or the other conveys sperm. An example is obstruction of the vas deferens may be by surgery of infection. The medical name for this is obstructive azoospermia.

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization. This is cutting and sealing off the vas deferens (the tubes that carry sperm out of the testicles). When this happens, any semen ejaculated will no longer contain any sperm.

5.Ejaculation disorders
Problems with ejaculation can cause infertility in men. Examples of some of this include:

I.anejaculatory disorder: This is situation where a man climaxes and attains orgasm during sexual intercourse but unable to ejaculate any semen

II.retrograde ejaculation: This is where semen is ejaculated into the man’s bladder

III.premature ejaculation, medicationsa situation where ejaculation occurs too quickly

Hypogonadism is an abnormally low level of testosterone, the male sex hormone that is involved in making sperm. This could be due to a tumour, taking illegal drugs or Kallman’s syndrome (a rare disorder caused by a faulty gene).

Certain types of medicines can sometimes cause infertility problems, although some of them might be temporary and reversedrugsare withdrawn. Some of these includes:
A.Chemotherapy. These are drugs used for cancer treatment. They can sometimes severely reduce sperm production.

B.Sulfasalazine: Sulfasalazine is an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat conditions such as Crohn’s disease (inflammation of the intestine) and rheumatoid arthritis. It can cause low sperm count.

C.Anabolic steroids: These are products which are often used by athletes to build muscle and improve performance. Long-term use or abuse of anabolic steroids can reduce sperm count and sperm mobility.

D.Herbal remedies. An example includes root extracts of Tripterygium Wilford ii, which can affect the sperm production.

This happens when the veins on a man’s testicle(s) are too large. This heats the testicles. The heat can interfere with sperm production, affecting the number or shape of the sperm.


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