Explanation How The V@gin@ Is 10 Times Cleaner Than Your Mouth

Yes, the fact is that the v@gin@ is 10 times cleaner than the mouth!
It has its mechanism and self-regulatory system that keeps it in check now and then.
The v@gin@ is full of good bacteria known as lactobacilli that always fight infections and keep it in good condition.
Even v@gin@l discharge is not dirty. It is made of water, albumin, cells and mucin (an oily substance that gives it the slippery feel~oh yeah).Hence, a discharge is not a toxic substance.
The healthy v@gin@ also has a slightly pungent smell which is perfectly normal.
Menstrual blood is also not unclean and does not contain any germs as may be speculated. It smells a bit metallic, but contact with menstrual blood isn’t harmful at all.
Its PH is neutral. It’s neither acidic nor Alkaline (between 6.5-8.2)
All these make the v@gin@ one of the cleanest points in the body.
Therefore do not introduce an uncleaned mouth to the v@gin@ during oral S*x!
I wish guys will read this because we feel the v@gin@ is literally “Dirty” and that’s a big super lie!

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