Infertility is a big problem faced by many couples nowadays, and it has led to home breaking in man families. Worldwide, there are many people who are running for help, and many has run to wrong places which have left them live a hopeless life but today we are going to see solution to it no matter what you have passed through.
Infertility according to health world is when a woman fails to get pregnant after having unprotected s*x with a man over a year, and many factors cause it and as you know the proper diagnosis is half cure to any health problem. Infertility can come from male or female part, and women have 60% role while men have 40% role to contribute to conception success

Many factors contribute to infertility and solving the problem is better when you know the cause of it to give the accurate cure supplements it needs

1. SMOKING: Smoking has a lot of side effects to the body of both men and women. In men, it will reduce the sperm count as well as sexual problems like quick ejaculation. In women, it deplete the eggs prematurely, damages the fallopian tube and cervix and can cause ectopic pregnancy

2. INFECTION: Infections has been found to have been primary cause of many infertility issues of both men and women especially infection that is transmitted sexually like gonorrhea etc., and that is why its advised not to have multiple partners and always use condom if you are having s*x outside marriage

3. EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL INTAKE AND SMOKING: Alcohol has a lot of dangers it poses to the body like hormonal imbalance etc


4. OVERWEIGHT: When couples are suffering from overweight it poses them into infertility problem as well as other things.Overweight and underweight can hinder your ovulation, and that will result in infertility.If you want to lose weight and flatten your tummy to avoid obesity problem, simply join in my weight loss program by ringing me on +2348180987294 (Whatsapp) or email Johnogbonnae@gmail.com


5. FIBROID: Fibroid will block or prevent a woman from conceiving. Good news is that the supplements to flush off fibroid without going through surgery which after going through may not be able to get pregnant again is available with me. If you are suffering fibroid, you contact me right away

6. AGE: Age has some contributions to give when it comes to conception issue because as a woman’s age increase, so her quality and quantity of egg life declines, that’s why it advised to marry and give birth at ages of the twenties to early thirties so as to conceive easily

7. LACK OF OVULATION: Ovulation is the process that must take place before a woman gets pregnant, it’s that moment when a woman releases an egg which when it gets in contact with a fertile sperm, it leads to pregnancy.There are so many factors that will disturb the ovulation like sickness, stress, etc. but in all, a woman should try to regulate her ovulation to conceive

8. LOW SPERM COUNT: Many infertility problems has been traced to be caused by a man’s low sperm count or even lack of sperm at all.Even though most men don’t know because there might not be any symptom until a test is done on him to check his sperm count and this can be caused by smoking, alcohol, etc.It’s advised that both couples should go for general test if they fail to succeed in getting pregnant after one year of having unprotected s*x

8. LACK OF S*X: There is no way to get pregnant except by having regular s*x especially during a woman’s ovulation time, so it’s very much needed that couples get under the sheets and have good s*x in right positions like missionary, doggy, etc. to enable healthy sperm ejaculation deep inside there

9. BLOCKED FALLOPIAN TUBE: When the fallopian tube is blocked, there will be no way the sperm can easily pass through to meet with the egg when a woman releases the egg and as such, conception is disturbed. There are so many things that can block it; we will talk about that next time as a full topic. Many women are battling with this issue of fallopian tube blockage, and I will be willing to help solve it once by using some herbal supplements to unblock it permanently
In fact, there are many causes of infertility, but I have mentioned the major popular causes of it, and that is why you have to run a lab test before you contact me for assistance

To assist you to get pregnant after you must have tried and failed, you have to go for lab test to know if your sperm count is in order, check your hormone status, check if your fallopian tube is open or block(HSG), if you ovulate, free from infection, etc

Contact your Dr or call/Whatsapp me on 08180987294 or email Johnogbonnae@gmail.com today

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