Just grillin’: different types of grills

If you are thinking about choosing a grill for the garden or even for home use, this post will help you make up your mind, or, at least, understand the basic types of grills.

We will help you with this difficult task!


Charcoal grills


The lid allows you to keep the heat inside the structure and adjust the cooking temperature.

You can adjust the temperature with the help of special valves placed on both the lid and the grill base. By increasing the flow of oxygen we raise the temperature inside.

These grills are the most inexpensive and usually last about 4-5 years.

Charcoal grills come in two subtypes:

  • portable smokehouse (smoker) will not only help you make barbecue but also smoke foods in a hot or cold way;
  • ceramic grills (Kamado): ceramics makes the taste of the dishes simply amazing since it helps to keep the food juicy and fresh while preventing the products from over-drying while they are being cooked. You can use Kamado Grills in winter as grill practically doesn’t lose any heat.


Gas grills

Gas grills are generally made of stainless steel; they feature a different number of burners, quality assembly, and materials. Their heating principle is different from charcoal grills as well.


  • the ability to instantly start the grill and start cooking in only 5-10 minutes;
  • easy cooking temperature control;
  • a huge surface of the grill;
  • wisely-designed heat distribution and a variety of accessories.


Wood grills

The principle of operation is similar to coal grills, the only difference is that the wood is used as fuel.

This type of grill features beautiful open flame, warming heat, and many other additional options that make these grills the best for those people who like to cook on the coals for a large company.

A small drawback is the absence of a cover over the grill, although, there is a heat retaining dome that distinguishes this wood-burning grill from a classic barbecue brazier.


Electric grills

One of the major drawbacks of electric grills is that they require a source of electricity. However, this grill does not produce the smell of burning wood or coal, and it will come in handy in any weather!


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