17 Reasons Why You Should Feel Sorry for The Kardashians

Pity the Kardashians, folks.

Break out the violins for them.

Just consider the kinds of pressing problems this family has faced over the years…

1. No Cell Service!

No cell service
No cell phone service?!? How can Kris Jenner even go on with her life?

2. Losing One’s Diamond Earring

Losing ones diamond earring
NOOO! Kim Kardashian has lost her diamond earrings in the water. Does it get any more tragic?

3. Inappropriate Selfe-Snapping

Inappropriate selfe snapping
Look, Kim Kardashian, there are appropriate times to take selfies and less appropriate times to take selfies.

4. Being Bipolar Over Hair

Being bipolar over hair
Wait… did I make the wrong hair decision? NOO!!! Say it isn’t so.

5. When Makeup Prevents Crying

When makeup prevents crying
Know when you want to cry? But you’re wearing very expensive makeup? Kim Kardashian does.

6. Having Stuff to Do

Having stuff to do
It doesn’t get much worse than this: your friend wants to hang out, but you need to do some stuff.

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