From Juliana Taiwo-Obalonye, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari and former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon met behind closed-door in the Presidential Villa, yesterday.

Speaking to State House correspondents after the meeting, Gowon said he was at the Villa to welcome Buhari back to the country and to thank him for calling to condole with him over his sister’s death while he was in London on medical vacation.

Gowon said Buhari’s call to him helped put rumour mongers to shame and raised the hope of Nigerians who were concerned about his health.

President  Buhari had, on March 6, called to commiserate with Gowon, over the death of his younger sister, Kande Martha Audu.

Buhari had urged Gowon and his family to take solace in the fact that Mrs. Audu lived a worthy and exemplary life.

The former head of state told newsmen, yesterday, that he also encouraged Buhari to keep on the good work and prayed that God will continue to strengthen him to work for the good of Nigerians.

“Let me tell you the honest truth, my coming here today is to thank and welcome Mr. President back from his health issues and problems and to thank God for what He has done for him to have his health back, for him to be able to return to work.

“The other thing also was to thank him very much, indee, for phoning me when he was in London, to commiserate with me on the death of my sister.

“This was really very gracious of him. When he rang to condole with me on my sister’s death, I was touched and that also helped Nigerians to rejoice, especially those who were sending all those very unfortunate messages about him and about whatever it was.

“This was  really what brought me here. And then, also, to encourage him to continue to do his work to the best of his ability, dealing with all the problems.

“Day in day out, you read in the media of all sorts of things happening. God will give him continued strength and energy to to deal with the problems of the country for the good of Nigerians.

“I’m delighted to be here, to welcome him back and to see him in reasonable good health and  able to do whatever he is able to do.”

He added that OMLs that have not been fully paid for, should be retrieved from the NPDC, revalued and auctioned so that the country can get proper value for the OMLs.

The brief, in its action point, called on the Federal Government to investigate the status and use of NLNG dividends from 2004 to 2014 and undertake criminal proceedings against anyone found wanting.


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