Kendall Jenner, bless her heart … she tried with that Pepsi commercial, she really did.

She tried to be inspirational and progressive, but it just didn’t work out for her. It worked out for literally no one.

Well, except for the people who like to laugh at stupid things, those people are probably doing OK right now.

Somehow, someway, Kendall agreed to do a Pepsi ad in which an ice cold can of soda could bring an end to years of conflict and strife, how she could rip off a wig, wipe off her lipstick, and save the world. With Pepsi.

It sounds ridiculous, and that’s because it is, but still, it happened.

And now Kendall seems to be full of regret and shame and all sorts of general sadness.

She’s deleted all the tweets about the commercial, and she was photographed landing in Paris yesterday, trying to cover her face as much as possible.

On top of that, a source spoke to People — a source close to Kendall, but who has not spoken with her since the Pepsi mess went down — about how she’s likely handling things.

“Kendall would have been absolutely mortified,” the source claims. “Anything offensive is just not her. She means well, always.”

“She would have called Kris SO upset and freaking out. And then Kris would go into mom mode and approach it like ‘Let’s do something about this, NOW.'”

It makes sense that she’d be mortified, right? It would actually be kind of shocking if she wasn’t.

And it also makes sense that Kris Jenner would be absolutely livid by the whole debacle … and according to another report, she really, really is.

According to an insider, Kris “thinks that Kendall is being made to look an idiot and is frightened that her daughter is getting blamed.”

“Kendall was to make money every time the ad ran,” the source explained. “Now she will not and Kris is livid.”

“Kris is also frightened other brands will not want to use Kendall now. This could cost her millions and maybe end her career.”

She reportedly wants Pepsi to pay Kendall not only for the ad, but for “distress that she is suffering.”

Look, Kendall is going to be OK. She’s going to get made fun of for a while, and deservedly so — she didn’t come up with the idea for the commercial, but she did go along with it.

And it’s clear that Pepsi is concerned about their relationship with the Kardashian/Jenner clan. In the statement they made after pulling the ad, they specifically apologized to Kendall.

So she’ll be mocked for a while, and Kris will possibly lose some money, and we will all giggle at Pepsi for the rest of our days.

The world keeps turning, dumb as it may be.

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