We already know that certain parents out there should not be allowed to text.

But even when they put their phones down, it's pretty evident that at least a handful of fathers in the world should not be allowed to remain at home alone with their kids, either.

We're sure they mean well.

We're also sure, however, that they shouldn't done any of this stuff with their children.

Scroll down to see what we mean…

1. Heil, No!

Heil no
Seriously, just… no.

2. Is That Snack Really Worth This?

Is that snack really worth this
It doesn’t even look all that appetizing.

3. We Have So Many Questions

We have so many questions
Why the kiddie pool? Why the towel when we don’t see any water in it? Overall, when it comes this scene, just: WHY?!?

4. Hurry Up and Drink, Kid!

Hurry up and drink kid
I’m about to beat my high score!

5. What, It’s Raining Out

What its raining out
And she said she wanted to swing.

6. Trust Me, It Says You’re Batman

Trust me it says youre batman
Hehe, it’s funny to mock kids who can’t read yet.

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