If you’ve lived your life up to this point gloriously unaware of the human mysterious mattress stain that is Martin Shkreli, then you may not want to read any further.

There was a time when Shkreli (aka Shkreli-Shkrel, aka F–kface) terrorized social media with heteretofore unknown levels of douchery.

However, after years of using his ill-gotten fame to harass female journalists and pick fights with members of the Wu Tang Clan, the pharmaceutical CEO-turned-supervillain was recently forced to retreat back under from the bridge from whence he came.

Shkreli was banned from Twitter recently after bullying a Teen Vogue writer, but he’s clearly devoted his newfound free time to finding new and interesting ways to make life worse for as many people as possible. 

You see, one of Marty’s favorite activities is messing with hip hop fans and famous rappers, the latter group, of course, being commonly known as a meek and mild-mannered lot, unlikely to do anything but cower in the face of opposition from a 34-year-old trust fund baby.

After his beef with Wu Tang, Shkreli butted heads with Lil Wayne, attracting the rapper’s attention by somehow pirating his unreleased Carter V album and releasing portions of it online without consent.

Now, Shkreli has apparently decided that he’ll continue antagonizing Wayne and try to piss off the hottest rapper on the planet right now for good measure.

Despite stern legal warnings from Team Weezy, Shkreli has released yet another track from Tha Carter V, this one featuring a verse from Kendrick Lamar.

TMZ has the stolen audio, which doesn’t sound all that great with Shkreli shrieking over the track like some prep school DJ Khaled who was recently the recipient of a traumatic wedgie.

No word on what sort of legal consequences might be in play, but considering Shkreli is already facing jail time on securities fraud charges, he’s really playing with fire.

Of course, getting sued would probably be a best-case scenario for Shkreli.

If this little stunt goes viral, Kung-Fu Kenny might put lil Marty in a spiral.

If you don’t get that reference go listen to Kendrick’s Damn in its entirety.

Just don’t be like Shkreli and pirate it.

In fact, don’t be like Shkreli in any aspect of your life.

Bam! We just hit you with the best advice you’ll ever receive. Feel free to call us dad from now on.

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