Demi Lovato & Guilherme Vasconcelos: It’s Over!

The good news is, Demi Lovato is back on the market.

The bad news is, her most recent boyfriend could easily rip off your arms and bludgeon you to death with them, so you might not want to slide into her DM’s just yet.

Yes, Demi has officially split from her on-again, off-again boyfriend, UFC fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos.

Lovato and Vasconcelos started dating last summer.

They parted ways a few months later, and Demi briefly dated Luke Rockhold, who is also an MMA fighter, because apparently she very much has a type these days.

Of course, before she started hooking up with human death machines, she dated the considerably-less intimidating Wilmer Valderrama.

So we guess … Demi only dates guys with cool-sounding names?

We’re not sure, but insiders say she and Vasconcelos are definitely over for good.

Apparently, it wasn’t a contentious breakup, but both parties feel two chances are more than enough for this particular relationship.

“It wasn’t a dramatic split,” a source close to Demi tells People magazine.

“Bomba is a good guy, but the relationship just ran its course.”

Now, the obvious way to discuss this breakup is to talk about how much it sucks to be Vasconcelos.

After all, Demi’s latest swimsuit photos are pretty much the hottest thing online, and there’s really no way his life’s not gonna be all downhill from here.

That said, the dude is an MMA fighter and people call him “Bomba.”

We’re thinking he’s gonna be just fine.

As for Demi, after some rocky years, the girl’s been on fire in recent months.

She recently celebrated five years of sobriety, and as far as her career goes, she’s never been a hotter commodity.

(In more ways than one. Seriously, the only accurate way to describe Demi’s swimsuit pics is with a bunch of flame emojis.)

She’s gone from pop singer to feminine empowerment icon, and her newfound wokeness has done wonders for her visibility.

Demi’s team announced last week that she’ll be partnering with Fabletics to help the brand move in a more body-positive direction.

So she’s making bank and making the world a better place.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

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