Counting On star Jessa Duggar is seen below wearing a variety of clothes that one might not necessarily consider extremely conservative.

Why is this a topic that we're even discussing, you ask?

Because with Jessa teaching seminars on dressing modestly, her family's controversial views of gender roles are back in the spotlight.

Moreover, some fans have criticized her, noting that for all the talk of the Duggars' ultra-modest dress code, she doesn't always abide by it.

Granted, most of the examples of this phenomenon occur while she's pregnant, and by definition, her body is growing and harder to contain.

That's a given. But still, other members of her family have been with child sans the same penchant for tight-fitting clothes. Makes you think.

We break down some of her more … flattering tops here.

1. Ben, Jessa and Baby Seewald (28 Weeks)

Ben jessa and baby seewald 28 weeks
Ben, Jessa and baby Seewald pose for a cute photo. They look great together, you’ve gotta admit.

2. Jessa Duggar Swimsuit Photo

Jessa duggar swimsuit photo
Jessa Duggar looking hot and wet in a swimsuit photo from the summer of 2015. In addition to posting her first swimsuit pic, the pregnant reality star and Ben Seewald are expecting their first child earlier this year. Milestones.

3. Jessa Duggar Baby Bump: 16 Weeks!

Jessa duggar baby bump 16 weeks
Jessa Duggar makes like Jill Duggar with her inaugural baby bump photo. Man she looks good.

4. Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Photo: 22 Weeks!

Jessa duggar baby bump photo 22 weeks
Jessa Duggar’s baby bump is looking cuter than ever at the 22-week mark. Wow, she makes a great-looking pregnant person.

5. Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Pic

Jessa duggar baby bump pic
Another cute Jessa Duggar baby bump pic … what a beautiful young woman and bump to boot.

6. Jessa Seewald Baby Bump (31 Weeks)

Jessa seewald baby bump 31 weeks
Jessa Duggar’s latest Instagram post shows a growing, and gorgeous, baby bump at 31 weeks and four days!

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