Big Brother Recap: A Reversal of Fortune

It’s crazy to think that Jessica and Cody were once pariahs in the Big Brother house. With Paul successfully getting Cody out of the game, Jessica seemed poised to hang around and be a vote for people when they needed it. 

Apparently, they did not bank on America granting Jessica the Halting Hex power, which gives her the ability to cancel an eviction live on air. 

Jessica reacted in shock to the return of Cody and quickly revealed to him that he needed to keep his mouth shut because she had repaired most of the relationships in the house they fractured. 

Cody was happy to hear about it because he saw it as a reset for his game. He did reveal that they were going to be targeted from that point forward. 

Jessica then dropped the bomb that she had the Halting Hex and that she would be able to save them if they were on the block. Cody was excited to learn this. 

The other houseguests gathered to say it was ten against two and that they would find a way to get rid of Cody again. They understood they needed to ace the HOH competition. 

During the competition, the other houseguests kept punishing Cody, so he had garbage, cement and other things thrown at him. On top of that, he had to contend with a man who yelled at him over parking. 

Josh made it clear he and Jessica were his targets, and he would get one of them out of the house if he won the competition. He dropped out and immediately started trying to distract Cody. 

It worked, and Cody dropped out. In the end, it was Christmas and Jessica fighting for the top spot. In a surprise move, Jessica won the competition, effectively securing Jody’s safety for two weeks. 

They then noticed the houseguests who ditched them in the past appeared to try and get back in their good graces. Jessica revealed the only ones she could work with were Raven and Matt. 

They both agreed they would work as a four-person alliance, but would Raven and Matt actually defect now? Well, they want safety for this week. 

Josh tried to speak with Jessica, but Cody shut him down and said the pair would not be talking to him. Jessica ultimately decided to nominate Josh and Ramses. 

Did she make the right move?

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