The Bachelorette Fans to Rachel: Don’t Pick Bryan Abasolo!!

The Bachelorette is nearing its end.

If you've been following The Bachelorette spoilers, then you already know who Rachel Lindsay is going to choose — whether you like her ultimate choice or not.

Following hometown dates and hometown heartbreak for Dean Unglert, who is now a favorite to be the next Bachelor, it was time for Rachel's remaining suitors to meet her family.

Rachel's family members had some definite opinions about the men Rachel was considering, because of course they did.

But Twitter has some opinions of their own.

Long story short? If you love Bachelorette spoilers, read them and weep … or not, depending on who you support this summer.

Long story shorter? Fans really seem to love Peter Kraus (as they should) and, collectively, Twitter cannot stand Bryan Abasolo.

They tweeted out memes and comparisons and some scathing opinions, proving sometimes the Internet brings people together for the right reasons.

1. This first one sums up what Twitter thinks of Rachel’s judgement

Bachelorette tweets 00
Peter just seems to be the perfect deal, while Bryan seems to talk like an unconvincing old-timey fairytale prince.

2. Same

Bachelorette tweets 01
A lot of us make faces at the television when it’s deserved.

3. THIS is unfair …

Bachelorette tweets 02
This is unfair to Gaston, who is much more handsome than Bryan Abasolo.

4. At least his name’s on the list …

Bachelorette tweets 03
(Sort of)

5. Family is important

Bachelorette tweets 04
We don’t think that their immediate dislike of Bryan is going to be enough to sway Rachel, though.

6. They might lose some fans

Bachelorette tweets 05
Though, honestly, plenty of people threaten to quit and then come crawling back. We’ve all been there.

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